.The People Issue

Aug 14, 2019

Nick Dong

Oakland artist Nick Dong unites the joy of commitment and the grief of eternal separation in his latest endeavor, The Mendsmith Project. By forging the wedding rings of a friend whose husband had died, his metalsmith and jewelry skills create a single, tributary object; their love both tragic and...
Aug 14, 2019

Best Hip-Hop Comedy Character

Sometimes hip-hop can be unintendedly hilarious as rappers try to out-do each other as the hardest, most badass emcee alive. And then there's Sonniebo, who is an intendedly hilarious with absurd lyrics that shouts out with Lil...
Aug 14, 2019

Pied Piper of Point Richmond Pets

At The Milo Foundation, Lynne Tingle takes the time to shout greetings to every mammal, her voice carrying over a soundtrack of excited barking. The Milo Foundation is a no-kill animal sanctuary founded and directed by Tingle. An...
Aug 14, 2019

Best Street Clown

Alameda's own Kenny The Clown will do anything to make people smile. One yelper described meeting him outside of a bar and getting an earful of naked beach volleyball jokes, before Kenny pulled out a banana, with...
Aug 14, 2019

Breaking Ground on the State of Human Communications

Anyone who's ever gotten into a political argument online may recall thinking to themselves that their opponent is just stupider than them. Behavioral scientist Juliana Schroeder's research tells her that this is a normal reaction to such...
Aug 14, 2019

Best, Most Prolific Podcaster

As Game Of Thrones was in it final season, Vulture did a roundup of the 10 best GOT podcasts. Two of them were co-hosted by Oakland writer and podcaster Joanna Robinson. She even had a third one...
Aug 14, 2019

Making Whatever’s in Front of Her Interesting

It's no slam to say that Jenny Odell's art is like a colossal yawn. Stretching the mandible of imagination wide, the Oakland-based artist's multi-disciplinary projects and new, well-received book, How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy,...
Aug 14, 2019

Oldest School T-Shirt Vendor

"Old School" Copes's van can be seen just about every Saturday across the street from the Lakeshore Farmer's market, selling T-shirts singing the praises of Oakland. Copes became the heart of the late 80s-early /90s Oakland Hip-Hop...
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