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Sep 26, 2023

Truth Songs

When Abel Sanchez wrote and sang “A Song for Cesar” along with Jorge Santana, he was unknowingly building the scaffolding for something that became much bigger. “We were in the studio writing the song and something happened. It was almost like the spirit of Cesar Chavez entered the room,”...
Aug 30, 2023

People First

BART’s Station Modernization Program brings beauty to the East Bay and beyond. If there’s one thing that unites people from all parts of the Bay Area, it’s Bay Area Rapid Transit. Every day, people from Oakland, the greater...
Aug 23, 2023

Coyote to The Cure

Duane Linklater confronts the contradictions of colonialism  Can a North American museum, inherently indebted to white European models of what a museum is, ever present work created by North American Indigenous artists in ways that challenge those models? The...
Aug 16, 2023


Redemption for time served When I ask 62-year-old Julia Ford how she’s doing, she says “Blessed!” and keeps pushing the wheelchair of the elderly spunky white woman she cares for. The vibrant splash of color in Ford’s hair...
Aug 9, 2023

Going Extra

Xintli Rivera Raygoza works to pay it forward When 20-year-old Xintli Rivera Raygoza was just three years old and her mom was at home struggling with postpartum depression after birthing Rivera Raygoza’s younger brother, advocates from the Contra...
Jul 26, 2023

Trust the Process

There are many paths leading us to where we need to be in life At the end of almost every interview I do, I ask my interviewees about the most important lesson they’ve learned on their life journey...
Free Your Mind
Jul 12, 2023

Free Your Mind

In a day and age, and a time and place, where inflation has us getting less for more, or simply going without, where policies seem to be moving backward but not forward, it’s easy to feel trapped...
How Free Are We?
Jul 5, 2023

How Free Are We?

Since the Supreme Court ruled against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina’s use of affirmative action as a factor for admissions and against the debt relief program last week, people from across the political spectrum...
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