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Joanna Robinson

As Game Of Thrones was in it final season, Vulture did a roundup of the 10 best GOT podcasts. Two of them were co-hosted by Oakland writer and podcaster Joanna Robinson. She even had a third one that didn’t quite make the list. She also hosts several other podcasts, but it was the Game of Thrones ones that made her go from podcasting on the side while working at a bookstore, to having more than 50,000 Twitter followers and getting regular high-profile writing gigs for Vanity Fair. Now that Game Of Thrones is over, she’s retired her GOT podcasts: A Cast Of Kings and A Storm Of Spoilers. However, her third one, Still Watching, switched to Big Little Lies, and who knows what other shows she’ll cover on it. Game of Thrones may be out of her life, but she’s filling her time with even more podcasts. There’s the Thought Bubble Podcast, Decoding Westworld, and more.


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