.Best Hip-Hop Comedy Character


Sometimes hip-hop can be unintendedly hilarious as rappers try to out-do each other as the hardest, most badass emcee alive. And then there’s Sonniebo, who is an intendedly hilarious with absurd lyrics that shouts out with Lil Jon intensity: “I’m the mac without cheese. Tip-top on these motherfucking wannabes. Ah-choo. Sneeze. My flow sick, I just gave you disease.” Sonniebo is the hip-hop parody that this country desperately needs right now, the work of local comedian Lewis Belt who brings him to life with pure over-the-top ferocity that will remind hip-hop fans of exactly the kind of wannabe rappers they find on YouTube done with straight-faced seriousness. For Bay folks who remember the hyphy scene and are plugged into what’s come since, Sonniebo will be especially funny. “Tip-Toe” has more than a half million views on YouTube, which is a good sign that people are catching on to this brilliance. Lewis has a lot more Sonniebo videos to check out too. The songs are all bangers, whether they tickle your funny bone or not.


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