Feb 20, 2024

Afrofuturism Imagines the Future Through a Black Lens

Black History Month also encompasses the future at the Chabot Space & Science Center on Feb. 24. “Celebrate Black History Month: Afrofuturism,” an all-day event, will include the Hidden Genius Project, the Black Panther Party Legacy Alumni Network, storytimes with space themes and a multitude of presentations designed to partner...
Jun 23, 2021

Future Is Now

May 26, 2021

Oaklash is Back

Feb 3, 2021

Heart & Soul

Near the start of Disney/Pixar's latest animated film Soul, the character Ray Gardner encourages his son to appreciate live music: "Black improvisational music," he says. "It's one of our great contributions to American culture. At least give it...
Jan 27, 2021

Oakland Is Our Turf

Did you ever expect, during the pandemic lockdown, to miss the crushing inhumanity of riding on BART at rush hour? Didn't think so—unless over the past few months you've been the lonely sole member of a pod...
Dec 16, 2020

Finding Place, Holding Court

A woman sits, regal and poised like a goddess or a noble, Deep South "church lady" astride a truck-bed-length marble gravestone in the Morningstar Cemetery in Mossville, Louisiana. Captured in one of several photographs by Berkeley-based artist...
Nov 25, 2020

Gifts from Oaklandish give back

While the pandemic will force the reinvention of many holiday traditions this year, gift-giving will persist. But before you start speed-scrolling Amazon’s virtual aisles for perfect presents, take a socially-distanced breath and consider this proposition from Oaklandish,...
Oct 29, 2020

Day of the Dead Lives On In Fruitvale

Oakland’s Fruitvale neighborhood was looking forward to 2020’s Día de los Muertos Festival, celebrating its 25th anniversary. The music, the dancing, the food, the mercados bring everyone together in a dynamic party atmosphere. Día de los Muertos, which...
Oct 14, 2020

Living Jazz overcomes pandemic blues with ‘Call & Response’

For 36 years, Living Jazz has provided disadvantaged youth, adults and seniors free music programs in Title One Oakland public schools, offering immersive experiences that reignite interest in jazz music and musicians. All this changed when the...
Sep 23, 2020

Beyond the Stars

While the premise of the film A Chef's Journey focuses on following James Beard–award winning chef-owner David Kinch as he travels to France with most of his kitchen staff to celebrate 15 years of his 3-Star Michelin...
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