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May 26, 2021

Go Outside

EBX starts the summer off right with this year’s Best of Nature In the Bay Area, residents tend to heap praise upon the California redwoods further up north, but the majesty redwoods display in our own backyards is terribly underrated. As solitude and reflection force themselves into the center of...
Feb 19, 2019

Soccer Roots Grow Deeper in The Town

Devante Dubose Credits: Photo courtesy of the Oakland Roots In the latest sign of progress that a professional soccer team is coming to the East Bay, the Oakland Roots have announced the signing of their first player — a...
Jan 28, 2019

Raiders ‘Global’ Brand Is a Myth

The Raiders’ planned move to Las Vegas would badly hurt the franchise for many reasons, chief among them is the dubious notion that there is a “global Raiders brand” led by an army of nationwide fans that...
Jan 15, 2019

Get Your Money, Murray

This might be an unpopular opinion among Oakland fans, but I don’t mind at all that Kyler Murray — the A’s’ 2018 first-round pick and Oklahoma University football star — might be leaning toward choosing the NFL...
Nov 27, 2018

A’s Swing for the Fences at Howard Terminal

The men and women who run the A’s are thinking big — for the franchise and for their eternally disrespected East Bay city — and moving forward with urgency to build a privately financed ballpark as part...
Oct 29, 2018

It’s Time for Mark Davis to Sell

It’s the last thing in the world Raiders owner Mark Davis wants. But sometimes the most difficult course of action is exactly what one should do. I’m talking about the pathetic state of the Raiders franchise, and...
Oct 8, 2018

A’s Wild Card Loss Leads to Offseason Questions

When strangers stop in the street to offer you their condolences, you know the night has taken a rough turn. That was my cold reality after I left Yankee Stadium last Wednesday night, and later strolled through...
Oct 1, 2018

A’s-Yankees Wild Card Could Be a Classic

After a meandering, four-year journey through MLB’s desert, the upstart A’s have arrived as unlikely contenders at a historic destination: Yankee Stadium in the South Bronx. Credits: Wikimedia Commons The A’s-Yankees Wild Card Game scheduled for this Wednesday could...
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