May 14, 2024

MedMen Demise May Be Harbinger of Change

Obviously, we should all feel bad for the MedMen employees who are now out of jobs after the once-seemingly high-flying company finally declared bankruptcy last month and announced it would wind down operations. But that aside, anybody who wants to see a healthy, thriving legal cannabis industry should breathe...
No Reliable Standards Exist for Driving While High
Mar 12, 2024

No Reliable Standards Exist for Driving While High

Blood-alcohol tests often aren’t really conclusive when it comes to determining whether a person is too impaired to drive. Many people who are over the legal limit are probably perfectly fine to drive, even if doing so...
Top Pot ‘Cop’ Evolves Cannabis Stance As Is Her Job
Feb 13, 2024

Top Pot ‘Cop’ Evolves Cannabis Stance As Is Her Job

So-called “concerns” about President Joe Biden’s mental acuity have been ginned up by the right-wing propaganda machine with the enthusiastic help of an increasingly indistinguishable mainstream media.It’s all incredibly stupid and destructive. By most accounts from White...
Prohibitionist Republicans' Latest Irredeemably Stupid Cannabis Policy
Feb 6, 2024

Prohibitionist Republicans’ Latest Irredeemably Stupid Cannabis Policy

Navigating the partisan politics of cannabis can be challenging because there are Republicans and Democrats on both sides of most reform initiatives. That makes cannabis politics almost unique in these days of Republicans automatically opposing any reforms...
MedMen’s Downfall By Hubris
Jan 30, 2024

MedMen’s Downfall By Hubris

It might be tempting to write off the astonishing implosion of MedMen as being just another instance of a weed business falling victim to the faltering cannabis economy, especially in California where MedMen is headquartered and where...
MedMen Loses Another CEO
Jan 25, 2024

MedMen Loses Another CEO

MedMen, the failing chain of cannabis dispensaries with a history of gross mismanagement behind it, and most likely a crash-and-burn directly ahead of it, is going through CEOs like Oakland goes through police chiefs. On Wednesday, the...
California's Illicit Cannabis Market Dwarfs the Legal One
Jan 23, 2024

California’s Illicit Cannabis Market Dwarfs the Legal One

The California Cannabis Enforcement Task Force has seized more than $312 million in unlicensed cannabis in its first full calendar year of operations, but the illicit market still dwarfs the regulated market due to high taxes and regulations.
Jimmy Kimmel's "Who's High?" Segment Normalizes Cannabis Use
Jan 16, 2024

Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Who’s High?’ Segment Normalizes Cannabis Use

Jimmy Kimmel's "Who's High?" segment on his late-night talk show provides evidence that people high on weed are perfectly functional humans, and that the effects of pot vary from person to person.
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