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2021 READERS’ PICKS: Beauty, Health & Wellness

Best Acupuncturist   Mamie Chow L.Ac. Best Alcohol ⁄ Drug Rehabilitation   AA Best Allergist   Columbia Asthma & Allergy Best Assisted Living Facility   St. Paul’s Towers Best Chiropractor   Dr. Teresa Lau, Vibrant Body Wellness Best Day Spa   Piedmont Springs Best Dentist   Oakland Eco Dental Best Dermatologist   Jason Fung, MD Best Endodontist   Jason R. Calvert DDS Best Esthetic Dentist   Lake Merritt Dental Best Eye Lash Extensions and ⁄ or Brow Enhancements   Cocoon Urban...
Jul 30, 2019

Best Place to Take a Chance On Durian

Durian runs the gamut on likability. Its distinctive smell has been compared to outhouses and gym socks, and it's banned from some public transportation in Singapore. Yet if you can get past the smell, some people find...
Jul 30, 2019

Most Luxurious Lemon Cupcake

The Lemon Kiss cupcake at Love at First Bite is unparalleled. The frosting is sweet, tangy, lemony, and perfect and the cake is a satisfying compliment. Other flavors of note are red velvet and chocolate. Although not...
Jul 30, 2019

Best Cannabis Sativa

When looking for the best sativas, you want something that's a bit of a pick-me-up without being too jittery. Super Lemon Haze, this year's top sativa, is not a pure panic attack weed by any means, it...
Jul 30, 2019

Most Astonishing Selection of Vegetarian Indian Food

Take a break from TJ's and stock up on healthy frozen food and snacks at this clean, bright market. It's vegetarian and vegan heaven: nothing in the store contains meat. The extensive frozen section makes eating well...
Jul 30, 2019

Best Plants for Forgetful People

The Dry Garden Nursery has been promoting sustainable gardening in the East Bay since 1987. With a focus on drought-tolerant and low water plants, the Dry Garden has an impressive collection of bamboos, succulents, carnivorous plants, dish...
Jul 30, 2019

Best Gift for a Dapper Dad

Perfect for a wedding, birthday, graduation, Easter, or an Afropunk festival, a Father + Son matching bowtie set at Mischief is a delightful gift no matter the occasion. The bowties are made locally in Oakland by designer...
Jul 30, 2019

Best Low-Cost Yoga Studio

There is nothing stress-relieving about expensive yoga classes. It seems to defeat the purpose of going to a yoga class if it causes financial strain and stress. Yoga to the People in Berkeley is addressing this very...
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