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Jan 16, 2024

Ninth Life’s Nostalgic Remix

Ninth Life, a bar inspired by the '80s, '90s and aughts, is a memory capsule that aims to balance kitsch with cool, but it suffers from both valorizing a past that never existed and not fully committing to it.
Feb 9, 2022

East Bay Beer Trends: Are IPAs still a Bay Area favorite?

One thing the last two years have taught us is that predicting the future is impossible. It’s difficult to imagine what will happen in the next few weeks, let alone during the next year. But that’s not stopping...
Sep 22, 2021

Brews With Benefits: Tannery Bend Beerworks provides hops with hope by investing in their...

Opened by partners Matt Cromwell, Lauren Cromwell and Tyler Rodde, friends since they met in high school in Napa—Matt and Lauren have since married—Tannery on Telegraph is meant to represent the gathering of friends and family to celebrate a pairing that appeals to most: quality beer and food.
Sep 22, 2021

Taking Ownership: Oakland’s first Black-owned brewery mixes barley and hops with equity and justice

Customers have asked the co-owners where Hella Coastal is from and why they are defining the company with beers tied to racial and social causes. ‘We want to be a brewery but at the same time we want people to know that we’re taking ownership,’ Benjamin said. ‘We’re black in Oakland, and there are no other black breweries in Oakland — and that’s something, especially when it comes to ownership.’
Sep 22, 2021

Busting Beer Myths: Jeff Alworth’s second edition of ‘The Beer Bible’ is the ultimate...

Alworth says that during the past few decades a gravitational shift has occurred in the United States. “There are now 9,000 breweries,” he begins. “We used to think of hotspots. What’s changed is that most cities of any size have brewing going on. Breweries sharing information and professional standards are causing a huge expansion. I’m sure there are amazing still-undiscovered little pockets all across the country.”
Feb 13, 2021

Craft Beer Week 

This much I know I love: California Craft Beer Week starts on a Friday and ends on a Tuesday—11 days later. That's a helluva week of beer and precisely the kind of math I do after I've had...
Dec 9, 2020

Advent Brewskis

To celebrate the holidays in the work-from-home era, you can remain in your pajamas all day, drink beer at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and "go" to work all at the same time. But please, at least wear...
Jan 29, 2020

How Cider Week Came to The Bay Area

Crooked City Cider founder Dana Bushouse first got her foot in the door as a cider-maker at the 2014 "CiderCon," an annual industry conference put on by the American Cider Association. At the time, she was fermenting...
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