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Nov 30, 2022

Eat the Rich

One course of horror, another of refined camp As Lord Voldemort in the Harry Potter films, Ralph Fiennes expresses a self-reflexive sense of awe and pleasure each time he causes someone harm. His regenerative capacity to summon up evil is a process of discovery that energizes him. In Mark Mylod’s...
Nov 17, 2021

Patron Saint of TV Chefs: The movie ‘Julia’ is a loving remembrance of Julia...

Filmmakers Julie Cohen and Betsy West approach the subject of their documentary, Julia, with the efficiency and precision of a Michelin-starred restaurant. While watching the film, I pictured a giant timeline of Julia Child’s life hanging on...
Sep 15, 2021

Sweet, Sweet Solano: From Berkeley to Albany, sate your sugar jones

"While the event is now over for 2021, this may be just the moment for our own Solano Stroll, with stops along the way for some sweet treats. The shops listed below are stand-outs—but by no means our only options."
Jun 23, 2021

Suicide Watch

Jeffrey Edalatpour reviews Morgan Neville’s documentary 'Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain' about the complicated and tragic life of a beloved culinary cultural icon. "There’s an angrily drawn, tear-stained question mark blurring every frame of the narrative," he writes. "Why did Bourdain commit suicide in 2018?"
May 26, 2021

Behind the Red Door

Food writer Jeffrey Edalatpour talks with Reign Free, owner of Red Door Catering, about her Black Culinary Collective and the challenges and triumphs of being the avant-garde in catering and cuisine.
Apr 7, 2021

The Truffle Hunters

Food writer,Jeffrey Edalatpour, writes about the symbiotic relationship between canines and cuisine in his review of the movie 'The Truffle Hunters".
Dec 30, 2020

Bubblin’ On The Bubbly

It's down to the wire for 2020 and if you ask most people alive today, they say there's never been a year more worth ending. Whether you are joyful and celebrating passage into 2021, mournful and honoring...
Sep 9, 2020

Soul Food With a Side of Equality

More than a harbinger, chef/restaurateur/author/television guest/radio host Tanya Holland is an entrepreneurial emblem. As a Black woman and founder-owner of Oakland's Brown Sugar Kitchen, the California-influenced Soul Food restaurant she established in 2008, Holland has for decades...
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