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Aug 25, 2021

Our Man ‘Ish’: Ishmael Reed reflects on life, art, music and home

"Some have called Ish a 'trickster,' and Ralph Ellison—in a drunken rant at a gala in New York City when he was in his 30s—once called him a 'criminal and a con-man,' but few call this poet, author, publisher, Columbus Foundation president, musician, playwright, founder of the American Book Awards, screen-writer and cartoonist a Renaissance man," D. Scot Miller writes.
Sep 11, 2019

Fall Arts Picks

Art, BART, and the WWE Self-taught artist Luis Estrada lives around the corner from the newly redesigned Richmond Main Street/Richmond Visitor Center, right next to the BART station. Since 2004, he's been creating paintings at the city's NIAD...
Sep 11, 2019

High Tech, High Touch

The Body Electric, an exhibit at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts through January 2020, is striking in its high-tech/high-touch duality. Contemporary artists work with the mediums and tools of the times: screens, video, film, photos, digital and...
Sep 11, 2019

Close to the Bone — and Close to Readers

Twenty years ago, 22 authors assembled at the band shell in Golden Gate Park for the birth of a literary event then known as Litstock. "It was foggy and freezing and just amazing," cofounder Jane Ganahl remembers....
Sep 11, 2019

Fusing Imagery, Music and Words

A grand exercise in communion. A daring exploration of identity and beauty through music, words, images and videos. A challenging, confounding multidisciplinary theatrical work. These phrases and more apply to Triptych. Arriving in a Cal Performances co-commission, the...
Sep 11, 2019

Public Art That Celebrates Nature

A blade of eelgrass in its bed in the San Francisco Bay is unspectacular. But eelgrass beds are vital to the health of the whole bay, providing safe spawning places for fish, harboring the small creatures the...
Sep 11, 2019

Speaking to the Times

If you haven't been to the symphony hall lately, you might be surprised to find how much things have changed. Today's music directors are finding innovative ways to make the music speak to our times — and...
Sep 5, 2018

Stories of the Undocumented

Painting by Ramon Carrillo, undocumented project artist. Credits: Photo Courtesy of Peralta Hacienda When it comes to undocumented folks, the most common narrative revolves around their lack of legal status and what they contribute or...
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