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Aug 23, 2023

Fall Into Arts

The East Bay delivers art and culture After suffering enervating, zombie-inducing online and hybrid performances during the pandemic, live shows are once again the norm. Thank the gods and goddesses of art and entertainment! To celebrate, the Fall Arts Preview centers on in-person opportunities. A few venues continue to offer...
Aug 23, 2023

Liquid Life

Aug 23, 2023

Kronos Quartet

Aug 25, 2021

Our Man ‘Ish’: Ishmael Reed reflects on life, art, music and home

"Some have called Ish a 'trickster,' and Ralph Ellison—in a drunken rant at a gala in New York City when he was in his 30s—once called him a 'criminal and a con-man,' but few call this poet, author, publisher, Columbus Foundation president, musician, playwright, founder of the American Book Awards, screen-writer and cartoonist a Renaissance man," D. Scot Miller writes.
Aug 25, 2021

A Strange Alchemy: Keenan Norris brings deep listening, dystopia and hope in latest novel

"Norris says important themes in the novel—such as micro and macro time spans, social protest, anti-Blackness history, the perils of miseducation and the dramatic conflicts often generated in public spaces—are vastly important, but never preempts his central concerns of creating compelling characters and continuous plot movement. 'You never know when you make something, what impact, if any, it will have,' he says."
Aug 25, 2021

Capturing the Essence: Anshil Popli’s ‘Wild Wild West’ both commemorates and elegizes the complicated...

"In his debut book, 'Wild Wild West', Popli provides a window into the diverse micro-cultures and lifestyles throughout the Bay—with a particular interest in rap and street life. His photos are most notable for how they capture the underground elements and raw truths of Northern California’s cities, particularly among marginalized communities that are often stigmatized by mainstream media and institutional policing. He’s celebrated for his work with local icons like Koran Streets, White Dave, sndtrak, Big Spence and many others."
Aug 25, 2021

Functional Beauty: New OMCA exhibit showcases the life and work of Edith Heath

‘The goal of “Edith Heath: A Life in Clay” is, obviously, to showcase Heath’s artistry; her work’s clean, simple forms and glazes that enhance the clay’s textures. “But we want to go beyond,” Johnson said, “and talk about her personality and her processes.”’
Sep 11, 2019

Fall Arts Picks

Art, BART, and the WWE Self-taught artist Luis Estrada lives around the corner from the newly redesigned Richmond Main Street/Richmond Visitor Center, right next to the BART station. Since 2004, he's been creating paintings at the city's NIAD...
Sep 11, 2019

Speaking to the Times

If you haven't been to the symphony hall lately, you might be surprised to find how much things have changed. Today's music directors are finding innovative ways to make the music speak to our times — and...
Sep 11, 2019

Public Art That Celebrates Nature

A blade of eelgrass in its bed in the San Francisco Bay is unspectacular. But eelgrass beds are vital to the health of the whole bay, providing safe spawning places for fish, harboring the small creatures the...
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