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Dec 7, 2022

Hotpot Hotspot

Phoget about soup and set the hotpot to boil  Happiness is a hotpot filled with vegetables simmering in a bubbly broth. East Bay diners out for Vietnamese food are probably more familiar with bowls of phở. But at their new Alameda restaurant, Bacogai, Emily Le, Kayla Bui and Khanh Tran...
Nov 2, 2022

Like A Charm

These Thai dishes are guaranteed to bowl you over At the end of a wearying day, I stepped inside Charm Thai Bistro as if into a holy refuge. Even though I’d arrived solo, the host didn’t make a...
Oct 26, 2022

Dumpling Time: Dumpling Time is on your side. Yes it is.

The San Francisco location of Dumpling Time added a much needed culinary spark to SoMa’s design district. For at least a decade, the most you could hope for at lunchtime was the familiar combination of a deli...
Oct 19, 2022

Me & Jungle Cafe: Welcome to the Jungle!

Like the rest of California, Me & Jungle Cafe sustained some damage from this year’s set of heatwaves and the ongoing drought. The back patio is populated with tables, chairs, potted plants and a greenhouse. The owners...
Oct 12, 2022

State Flour Pizza Company: Elmwood gets its own dedicated pizza joint

There are any number of reliable restaurants to choose from in the Elmwood neighborhood. The list includes, but is not limited to, Gordo’s burritos, Nabalom’s pastries, King Yen’s lettuce cups and the Middle Eastern plates at La...
Oct 5, 2022

Voulez-Vous Rendez-Vous?: This cocktail bar is dripping with the romance of blissful decay

Last month, I sat down at Rendez-Vous Café Bistro, right next door to the Albany Twin movie theater. When the host said they’d been in business for nearly 20 years, it dawned on me that my robot-car-map...
Sep 28, 2022

OK’s Deli: Albert Ok’s sandwiches are everything with a bag of chips

What makes a good sandwich? Albert Ok, the chef behind OK’s Deli, agrees with the synthpop band Depeche Mode. You have to get the balance right. “I do like mayo, but not too much,” he said, before...
Sep 21, 2022

Ocean View Brew Works: Kitchenette 625 adds food to the drinks’ menu

Carrie Orth’s Kitchenette 625 is a family affair. Her daughter and son-in-law, Vonnie and Scott Davidson, opened Ocean View Brew Works in 2017. Before Kitchenette opened in the same building, Vonnie Davidson used the space for artist...
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