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Aug 10, 2022

The Anti-Sport Movie: ‘North Dallas Forty’ said way more than we first thought

North Dallas Forty, released 43 years ago this month, is usually described as a “sports movie,” or as a searing indictment of the hypocrisy and greed that pervade professional football and pro sports in general. It certainly is both of those things, but it could just as easily be...
Jul 27, 2022

A Vote to Raise California Minimum Wage?: Judge says not until 2024

Californians still won't get a chance to vote on a minimum wage hike this November, after a judge ruled late Friday that the campaign was at fault for missing a key deadline to get the measure on...
Jul 27, 2022

Tyranny of the Majority: Supreme Court denies religious freedom

A good friend who heads a leading law firm once explained that when a lawyer’s case is weak, he argues precedent. He relies on historical findings in similar cases to razzle-dazzle the judge and jury. But when a...
Jul 27, 2022

Grand Times: Life on the lake has something for everyone

Social science experts and census takers claim that great cities and urban neighborhoods have double narratives that include rich, deeply embedded historical narratives and progressive, state-of-the-art attitudes, amenities and commercial development. The best among them prove a...
Jul 27, 2022

Freak Out: Delta-8 THC has people losing it, and it’s enlightening

Watching the cannabis industry, politicians and regulators freak out over delta-8 THC over the past year or two has been fun, and also enlightening. As with so many other problems associated with the emergent legal-weed industry, this...
Jul 20, 2022

We Were Warned: An iron curtain is descending on America

Great patriots have warned Americans of the possibility an iron curtain of authoritarianism could descend upon this country, making America over in the image of its fascist enemies. President Dwight Eisenhower in his first major presidential speech,...
Jul 20, 2022

Big Red: Roberts Regional Recreation Area

There is no shortage of parks in the East Bay, but few have as many amenities as Roberts Regional Recreation Area.  In addition to sweeping views of San Francisco and the bay, the 82-acre park has numerous picnic...
Jul 20, 2022

Extraordinarily Disappointing: Cannabis advocates are frustrated with the Biden administration

From the beginning, the Biden administration has been opaque and mysterious regarding its stance on cannabis. This has made it difficult, to say the least, for advocates of various liberalizing bills that have made their way into...
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