.Pied Piper of Point Richmond Pets

Lynne Tingle

At The Milo Foundation, Lynne Tingle takes the time to shout greetings to every mammal, her voice carrying over a soundtrack of excited barking.

The Milo Foundation is a no-kill animal sanctuary founded and directed by Tingle. An animal devotee, Tingle began volunteering at shelters in the 1980s and was horrified to see dogs constantly being put to sleep. She volunteered more and more until finally quitting her job and founding the original Milo Foundation in Mendocino County, with dogs, cats, chickens, goats, horses, donkeys, pigs, and a mule available for adoption. Later the Point Richmond location opened as the main adoption center with dogs and cats.

Tingle estimates that 35,000 animals have been adopted from Milo so far, some by her. She is frequently trailed by one of her dogs, of which she has a large unspecified number, as well as a “divine” cat, and a few horses.


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