music in the park san jose

.Best Street Clown

Kenny The Clown

music in the park san jose

Alameda’s own Kenny The Clown will do anything to make people smile. One yelper described meeting him outside of a bar and getting an earful of naked beach volleyball jokes, before Kenny pulled out a banana, with which he pretended to receive a call. Kenny ran into the street and juggled clubs in oncoming traffic, only to drop everything as cars honked at him. That Yelper had the time of her life. For East Bay residents, particularly those in Alameda, Kenny is a familiar face at street events. Kids love him. He’s sweet, silly and has an air of sadness about him that somehow makes his joking that much deeper and more sincere. He’s very much East Bay’s own sad clown on a mission to brighten up everyone else’s day, and to dispel the “creepy clown” stereotype that a lot of people have lodged in their brain. He’s also available to hire for people who want to elevate their party with some clown action.


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