Feb 1, 2023

The Sky Is Not the Limit

Cal scientists star in Webb Telescope exploration Astrophysicists and space buffs worldwide erupted into cheers after the perfect launch of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) on Christmas Day 2021. Days later, they held their collective breaths as sections of the telescope’s mirrors and sunscreen, folded inside like highly intricate...
Jan 11, 2023

Sign My Name to Freedom

Bay Area filmmaker races with time to bring documentary on iconic Betty Reid Soskin to fruition Many people in the East Bay, across the United States and around the world know Richmond’s Betty Reid Soskin, who retired from...
Jan 4, 2023

What’s the Rap in Oakland?

Meet The Town’s emerging rap innovators  It’s a Saturday afternoon, and I’m walking to meet rapper and producer Ovrkast. at Part 2 Gallery in downtown Oakland. We’re looking for his friends and fellow rappers and producers, Michael Sneed...
Dec 28, 2022

A Nuevo Retro New Year’s Eve

Make a choice: Put feet up at home or kick up heels outdoors with this six-pack of ideas As 2022 winds its way to “that’s a wrap,” conventional folks are returning to year-end traditions, albeit minus masks and...
Dec 21, 2022

Hidden From View

Project Censored’s Top 10 stories show just one pattern dominating all others this year Since its founding in 1976, Project Censored has been focused on stories—like Watergate before the 1972 election—that aren’t censored in the authoritarian government sense,...
Dec 14, 2022

A Happy Holiday Music Guide

 Release despair and celebrate the season with the gift of music Swinging from one high note to the next, the 2022 winter holiday roundup of live music performances in the East Bay offers both a promise and a...
Dec 7, 2022

Berkeley Bound

Gangstagrass unites a divided nation with music If one were to cross paths with the guys in Gangstagrass on the street—one would probably never guess that they hung out with each other, let alone that they’re part of...
Nov 30, 2022

Living the Glamorous Life

Oakland native Sheila E. returns to where it all began  I first learned of Sheila E. almost 25 years ago as a young kid stuck in traffic on I-80 listening to the radio as my parents “used” my...
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