May 24, 2023

Meklit’s World

Singer-songwriter, composer and podcast host Meklit Hadero on migration and its role in global culture Meklit Hadero saunters into Oakland’s Lake Chalet looking like a superheroine. Specifically, she resembles Eartha Kitt as Catwoman in the Batman TV series, but with a slightly Afrofuturist vibe, like a regal personage from Black...
May 17, 2023

Through the Fire

May 17, 2023

Dam Fine

May 10, 2023

Food Is Fun

May 3, 2023

Pushed Out

The last days of Wood Street Commons from the people who lived there On Monday, April 10, metal-jawed earth movers began piling the belongings and refuse of 60 unhoused Oakland residents into garbage trucks. Their encampment, called Wood...
Apr 26, 2023

Making Moves

The 2023 Bay Area Dance Week is cause for wide-spread respect and exuberant celebration Busting out the best moves and music beyond bedrooms, kitchens, backyards and the internet—space restrictions enforced by the pandemic due to public health safety...
Apr 19, 2023

High Hopes

Element 7 enters Montclair Village appealing to the coffee shop crowd Representing victory, and in several ways validation of a robust, reliably replicable business model and tightly curated product line, Element 7 won approval and will in approximately...
Apr 12, 2023

Native Son

In his latest book, Oakland writer Keenan Norris journeys to the Windy City in search of his roots Bay Area-based novelist, essayist and scholar Keenan Norris’ new book, Chi Boy: Native Sons and Chicago Reckonings, tells the story...
Apr 5, 2023

Find Your Muse

East Bay museums are for everyone Think museums are dusty old collections of boring stuff? That would be…completely wrong. The East Bay brims with lovingly curated places, celebrating everything from bugs to video games to vintage planes, and,...
Mar 29, 2023

By the Book

Spring lit is lit in 2023 After winter’s cyclonic storms and the general dreariness of recent months, it’s high time to light up the advent of spring with the revelation of reading a good book. Those in the...
Mar 22, 2023

Spellling Magick

East Bay artist conjures charm Ominously distorted minimal synth chords bang underneath a whooshing chant cranked on my best speakers while I think about how best to describe this music. The artist’s name is Spellling because that is...
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