May 11, 2022

Korean Superette Is Simply Super: Go for the imported snacks and banchan or sit...

Sayaka Murata’s Convenience Store Woman is a favorite recent read of mine. In the novel, a woman comes to the conclusion that she is the soul of the convenience store in which she works. Her identity isn’t just tied to her day job. She believes she has the ability...
Jul 21, 2021

Foodie Nation: Understory provides delicious cuisine with a side of worker solidarity

"Understory also provides pop-up opportunities for local chefs through their partner organization Oakland Bloom," writes Jeffrey Edalatpour in our Taste feature story.
Jul 21, 2021

Out of His Mind: Michael Pollan digs deeper and further in his new book...

"'This Is Your Mind' isn’t simply an excuse for Pollan to get tripped-out and talk about it, or to display his rocketing curiosity and considerable intellectual energy," writes Lou Fancher. "It is a book that presents, and leaves for readers to consider, valuable questions: about presumptions they may hold, and embedded taboos relative to a sedative—opium—that has in recent history been transformed by a pharmaceutical company into a destroyer of human lives."
Jul 21, 2021

Food for the Soul: East Bay food producers make social impact

Shana Bull writes, "The East Bay is a hub for businesses that give back to the local community. Whether it’s TCHO Chocolate or Third Culture Bakery—both in Berkeley, with a location in Walnut Creek opening soon for the latter—working with farmers who pay their employees living wages, or Rubicon Bakers in Richmond providing employment to those in need of a second chance, many East Bay business owners understand that their company culture, and how they treat their employees, vendors and community, matters.".
Jul 21, 2021

Not-So-Still Life With Figs: Legendary fruit thrives in the East Bay

Janis Hashe waxes eloquent on the abundance of figs in the East Bay and her ongoing competition for them with starlings, "the trashy relatives of the bird kingdom, as they start another round of Starling Wars."
Jul 21, 2021

Top That: Soul Slice brings Southern flair with unique toppings on biscuit pizza crusts

Jeffrey Edalatpour dines at Oakland's latest pizza innovators, Soul Slice, and speaks with owner Karter Louis about adding a touch of soul to the traditional pizza from crust to toppings.
Oct 2, 2019

In Search of the East Bay’s Spiciest Eats

A quarter of the world's population eats chilies every day, but many cuisines now defined by spice only started using them in the last few hundred years. Chilies originated in Mesoamerica and have been domesticated there since around...
Oct 2, 2019

A Critic’s Guide to Eating at the Laney Flea Market

Every Sunday, the Laney College parking lot transforms into an open-air market. It's full of pretty much any type of wares you could imagine: new and secondhand clothes, bicycles, toiletries, pots and pans, power tools, remotes for...
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