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Feb 20, 2024

Elevator Repair Service Reenacts a Legendary Debate

Can a one-hour, 1965 televised debate between academically inclined orators that’s available for anyone to watch on YouTube warrant a fully produced, live-theater reenactment in 2024? It most certainly and profoundly can, when it comes to New York-based Elevator Repair Service’s magnetic Baldwin and Buckley at Cambridge. The production is...
Evie Ladin's Body Music of Women's Woes
Jan 23, 2024

Evie Ladin’s Body Music of Women’s Woes

MoToR/dance's full evening-length production, "Water in the Kettle," is a masterclass in poignant and exuberant choreography and compelling storytelling, featuring a multigenerational cast of women and additional guest musicians, and exploring the complex female in a way that's not didactic but expository, with humor, grace and tight ensemble rhythm.
Berkeley Art Museum's MATRIX program features international artists
Jan 9, 2024

Berkeley Art Museum’s MATRIX program features international artists

The Berkeley Art Museum and Film Archive's MATRIX program presents the work of two international artists, Gabriel Chaile and Sin Wai Kin, who explore personal and political themes in their work.
Queerness and Creativity Thrive at Nectar Social Club
Jan 2, 2024

Queerness and Creativity Thrive at Nectar Social Club

Nectar Social Club is a vibrant, inclusive third space in downtown Oakland, providing a space for art, love and joy, and fostering partnerships with local queer activists and creatives.
Stand-up comedy thrives in Bay Area's vibrant scene
Dec 26, 2023

Stand-Up Comedy Thrives in Bay Area’s Vibrant Scene

The Bay Area has a rich comedic heritage and a vibrant stand-up comedy scene, with aspiring comedians using the Bay Area Comedy Network to connect with the local community and find opportunities to perform.
Starry Plough's Open Mic Night: A Delightful Miscellany
Dec 19, 2023

Starry Plough’s Open Mic Night: A Delightful Miscellany

The Starry Plough open mic night welcomes a variety of acts, including first-timers and experienced performers, and is managed by hosts Sara Jayne McDonald and Johnny Mitro, who provide warmth and support to all performers.
Portraits of the People
Dec 12, 2023

Portraits of the People

Documentary photographer Suzun Lucia Lamaina writes in the preface to her book, Revolutionary Grain: Celebrating the Spirit of the Black Panthers in Portraits and Stories, “The Black Panthers changed history. Black history, yes, but American history as...
The Becoming of Mimi Tempestt
Nov 28, 2023

The Becoming of Mimi Tempestt

The best advice for reading mimi tempestt’s second book, the delicacy of embracing spirals, other than “do it,” is to remember to breathe. Now and then also pause, placing the Berkeley-based writer’s tornado of poetry aside to...
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