.The Best Response to Online Harassment: Video

Former Express intern Jonathan Mann's catchy rebuttal to hateful "GlomerGoot" comments.

You might remember former Express intern Jonathan Mann for his ingenious, musical video plan to save newspapers from demise (spoiler: It’s boobs). Now Mann is back, and his “Song a Day” videos are just as topical and hilarious as ever. In September, Mann made an auto-tuned rebuttal critiquing Christina Sommers’ video “Are Video Games Sexist?” Comments on Mann’s YouTube videos have been unsurprisingly vicious, and recently he created another musical reply to the hateful responses called “GlomerGoot Comments.” Watch after the jump.

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Other gems include “It’s About Ethics in Journalism” and “If It’s Not About Zoe Quinn Stop Talking About Her”:

Keep up the excellent work, Mann. I mean you “beta mangina hipster douche worm.”


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