Spice Up the Holidays

Gifts that two can enjoy.

Tired of struggling with which new celebrity autobiography to get your significant other this year? Why not spice things up this holiday season with a gift that both of you can enjoy?

New innovations in adult toys continue to hit the market every year. No matter if you’re into high-tech sex or more traditional stimulation, chances are good there’s a product that caters to your tastes and preferences. Thanks to the sex-positive philosophy promoted by shops like Good Vibrations and Feelmore Adult Gallery, no one should feel uncomfortable asking their friendly and knowledgeable employees for suggestions on which water-based lubricants are best or what the latest in dual-stimulation technology is.

With the high stress often associated with the holidays, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas focused on promoting pleasure and easing stress in the bedroom. After all, it’s the season for giving — so give the gift of satisfaction to your partner with one of these sexy suggestions.

We-Vibe 4
Approximately $159

We-Vibes 1 through 3 have been extremely popular, but the improved design of the newly released We-Vibe 4 picks up where its predecessors fell short, with greater intensity, increased setting control, and a better overall fit. Men and women, together or individually, can use this dual stimulator. The rechargeable wireless remote and waterproof design means this toy can accompany you anywhere, while the six vibration modes and ten levels of intensity should also ensure that you don’t get bored anytime soon. It also comes in attractive pink or purple silicone designs. Did we mention it’s USB-rechargeable? Perfect for Bay Area techies on the go!

Available at Feelmore Adult Gallery and Good Vibrations

‘Book Plate Betties’ by Bill Presing

While this gift suggestion isn’t so much intended to put you or your partner in the mood, the book’s vibrant illustrations will captivate and titillate more than you might think. Presing is an artist and animator known for illustrating buxom femmes fatales when he’s not working on the latest Pixar film in Emeryville. Besides Book Plate Betties, which features 192 colorful pages of sexy cartoons, Presing has also published sketchbooks, a deck of cards featuring more of his lovely ladies in scenes around the world, and, most recently, a calendar, Horoscope Honeys. Presing’s work is sure to delight any mature Pixar fan, or anyone who likes looking at pictures of busty babes, for that matter.

Available at BillPresing.blogspot.com and at Feelmore Adult Gallery

Joque Harness by Spare Parts

Harnesses come in a variety of materials and styles, and serve a number of uses, but, until recently, size was not a consideration. Now, the Joque’s A an B sizes have made it easier for more people to enjoy this harness, which accommodates multiple dildos and vibrators at a time. Beyond possessing all the necessary features for optimum comfort — stretchable material, adjustable straps, breathable and washable fabric — the Joque is also made of vegan-friendly fabric, so you can indulge guilt-free.

Available at Feelmore Adult Gallery and Good Vibrations

Toybag Guide

When was the last time you had somebody read to you in bed? Nenna Joiner of Feelmore Adult Gallery recommends that you accompany exploration with the proper reading material. The Toybag Guide series is an indispensable resource for those planning excursions into bondage, foot worship, or medical or chastity play for the first time. Did you know speculums are being used for sex now? Us neither.

Available at Feelmore Adult Gallery

Our First Bondage Kit

With the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, more and more people have been inspired to begin exploring BDSM. Good Vibes offers a simple starter kit — a blindfold and four wrist/ankle straps with Velcro — to get you started on your way to safely becoming a dominatrix. While bondage can offer very fulfilling experiences for both partners, it also comes with its fair share of hazards for first-timers, so besides checking out one of the already-mentioned guidebooks, we recommend attending a free or paid workshop at Good Vibrations to learn the ins and outs before you get carried away with the riding crop.

Available at Good Vibrations


Feelmore Adult Gallery, 1703 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, 510-891-0199, Feelmore510.com

Good Vibrations, 2420 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, 510-841-8987; 3219 Lakeshore Ave., Oakland, 510-788-2389; GoodVibes.com 

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