Legalization Nation’s Marijuana Holiday Gift Guide

What to get for those who toke, dab, or vape.

With the relaxation of pot prohibition and the explosion of American ingenuity in the marijuana industry, there’s never been a better time to enjoy cannabis. Legalization Nation ventured out into the wide world of weed to locate the best vapes, most stylish dab gear, dopest cookies schwag, most blinged-out rolling papers, and more for this holiday gift guide.


Fact: Vaporization is safer and more cost-effective than smoking pot. Lightly toasting weed releases all of its therapeutic molecules without burning up the plant and creating carcinogens like polycyclic aromatic compounds. Another fact: $600 is too much for a top-of-the-line Storz & Bickel volcano vaporizer. Enter US company Vapir and its $249.99 VapirRise — a sleek desktop vape for the price-sensitive. Set the temperature to 396 degrees, fill the herb chamber while the glorified blow-dryer heats up, then slot the chamber and puff away. Very little smell compared to smoking.

Vaped Microvaped V2 Pen Vape

Vaporizers have busted out of the home and into the wild in the form of “vaporizer pens.” Battery-powered and loaded with the concentrated cannabis of your choice, vape pens create an innocuous, sweet mist — which is why you’ll catch people using them in airports, movie theaters, and classrooms. Breaking away from the thick mob of vape pens is the Vaped Microvaped V2 Pen Vape. It’s got a super-easy-to-load chamber, and comes with a full kit of USB chargers and mouthpieces, a lanyard, and a one-year battery manufacturer’s warranty.

GingerELA Dabber and Dish Set
price varies

A major force in the Oakland glassblowing or “piping” scene, GingerELA has a line of dainty dabbing dishes that feminize the often-brutish dab subculture based around cannabis concentrates. These super-strong resins are often made with solvents like alcohol or butane. They’re sticky, gooey, and difficult to handle, so “dabbers” invest in special tools like dishes to use with their hash. Usually they’re a bit macho. GingerELA’s realistic floral design yields stunningly beautiful and ornate dishes for holding mind-blowing solvent hash.

Stealth Odor-Proof Pocket Pouch

Avoid the prying eyes of your fellow BART riders or nosy resident advisor with these Odor-Proof Pocket Pouches from Stealth Products. They’re not military grade or anything — just a charcoal-lined nylon zipper bag. But we threw our stankiest cut of Blue Cookies in the Stealth pouch and the filter almost completely blocked the skunk smell out. If you have to do some flying with medical marijuana, a double-bagged sack inside a skunk pouch inside checked luggage shouldn’t generate a second sniff.

Cookies “Nelly” Hoodie

The medical weed strain Girl Scout Cookies is a cultural phenomenon and quite possibly the first real hit strain of the 21st century, with four Cannabis Cup wins in less than a year. The San Francisco-developed strain may be impossible to buy in seed form, but you can support the Cookies Fam at its new online store. We’re partial to the black “Nelly” hoodie with the “Cookies” logo in purple and yellow. Better move quickly though, the trendy brand is selling out.

Big Buds Calendar 2014

Oakland resident and celebrity grower Ed Rosenthal has great weed for you all year long with his 2014 calendar, which features ultra hi-res nug porn and all the important dates, like when Hunter S. Thompson was born and when Ziploc bags were invented.

SHINE 24K Rolling Papers
$55 for a twelve-pack of papers; $33 for a three-pack of blunt wraps

Startup just get funding? Try on your new affinity for the crass with some 24-karat gold rolling papers. Yup, you heard right. Smoke gold. A group in Los Angeles has started selling rolling papers and blunts with a layer of gold foil applied. How healthy is smoking gold? You are asking the wrong question, bro. It’s, ‘How cool do you look smoking gold?’ Very cool to some, apparently.

Chameleon Absolute Zero Pipe
price varies

No gift guide would be complete without a pipe. Buy American with the Absolute Zero from Chameleon, a company based in Arizona. The small, palm-sized piece cools and condenses hot smoke into thick, easy-drawing hits that expand in the chest for major impact.

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