.New York Times’ Pot Series ‘High Time’ Continues to Blow Minds

The New York Times is going to go down in history as part of the tipping point in the War on Marijuana.

Last week we noted the paper’s debut as a leader in cannabis policy thinking with the bold editorial calling for the national legalization of marijuana.

A week later, it’s become clear that the New York Times had a much bigger plan.

“We decided we wanted to shout something out, to really crank up the volume,” said Andrew Rosenthal, the editorial page editor, in an article by the Time‘s ombudsman.

Check out the entirety of the six-part series the Times has done over the last week, which continued Sunday with a section on regulation. 

The Times outlined the paper’s position last Sunday, then tackled marijuana’s related issues of State’s RightsCriminal JusticeHistory, Health, Track Records, and Regulation.

Along the way, the Times goaded the White House into lying to America about pot yet again, then the paper swatted down those outright lies and straw men erected by the Drug War establishment — and caused other outlets to also push back hard against Pot War propaganda. The Times fact-checked down the annoyingly inaccurate pot-schizophrenia link, and did a video on wet vs dry cities for pot in Colorado.

The New York Times has done more than seize the reins of the debate in this country. The paper made us a subscriber. Other major outlets need to ask themselves (ahem, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, BANG): Just what do they stand for?



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