Letters for the Week of October 12, 2016

Readers sound off on Prop. 64, Mayor Schaaf, and the Raiders.

“Proposition 64 Leads in the Polls. But Insiders Say Weed Prohibition’s End is No Sure Thing.” by David Downs, Feature Story, October 6:

The Real Liberal Truth

Prop. 64 is not legalization. Real liberals are voting against it. Simple.

Blake Beagelsmith

“A Look at Who is Financing Oakland City Council Candidates” by Express staff, Make Voting Great Again, October 6:

Harsh Talk for Reid

A look at Councilman Larry Reid’s donors explains who he is really representing: developers, contractors, and other business interests. As an unfortunate longtime constituent, I’ve seen little support or interest in us. He fails to respond to requests for traffic-calming measures, crime and safety issues, and addressing urban blight caused by illegal dumping. Calls to his office are ignored or dismissed. People in our district must vote this career politician out of office!

Silvia Sykes

Harsh Talk For Schaaf

Mayor Libby Schaaf is trying to build a political machine. She came up with Ignacio De La Fuente, a leading Peratista, in the Don Perata political machine. Libby excels at campaigning and sucks at leading, so she’s trying to stack the deck with council members who owe their offices to her, developer friends, the Chamber of Commerce, the Charter Lobby, and her signature pseudo-science, dog-whistling, racist public safety agenda. Schaaf staunchly maintains that she isn’t a racist because she supports schools and scholarships and has albums of selfies with Oakland’s Black youth. Like De La Fuente, her mentor, she campaigns on fear of Black criminals and anarchists, home security, a police state and restorative justice; as her pals the police, lobbyists, private security, her neighbors and the Chamber of Commerce profile, harass, arrest, imprison, shoot, and kill Black and Brown people.

Ann Nomura

“Town Business: Uber for Parking; Police Sex Crime Scandal Undermined Trust in OPD” by Darwin BondGraham, News, October 10:

What Could Go Wrong?

Well, nothing could go wrong with dense surveillance of every car in downtown Oakland, right? I will certainly be interested to see if it bothers anybody else. Note that many people live within the area. (I wonder how my neighbors with the infant twins and the thirty-or-so stairs up to their door will react to the lineup of cars parking in front of their house?)

Naomi Schiff

“The End of the Oakland Fence Saga” by Shajia Abidi, News, September 28:

It’s Who You Know

Thank you for the article about the fence to protect people from falling into the creek. Now, many more people know what some of us already know about the Oakland permit and Inspection department: It’s not about sound engineering and common sense. The department is all about who you know and how much cash are you willing to part with to get the inspection to pass!

Tom Fruehan

“Oakland Police Union Spending Thousands on Effort to Unseat Councilmembers Kalb and Gallo” by Darwin BondGraham, News, October 10:

Vote Kalb

I sure hope the voters in Dan Kalb’s district vote for him. He’s a good man who thinks deeply about issues that affect our city, and works consistently to make the police officers more supported and the Oakland Police Department more transparent and accountable to Oakland’s citizens.

Batya Lee

More Votes for Kalb

I live in Dan Kalb’s district, and have supported him since the beginning. He is a very smart, hard-working council member, supported by the Sierra Club, Democratic clubs, labor, and our area’s most progressive elected representatives.

Margaret Cunningham

“Hapless Chargers Punt Win to First-Place Oakland Raiders” by Nick Miller, News, October 9:

Raiders, Yes!

I honestly think it’s great that EBX is following the Raiders on a weekly basis!

Tony Daysog


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