Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus: Part Two

For the week of May 19-25, 2010.

Throughout this week and the next several weeks, the planets will continue to transform daily life into a training field for conscious living. You could call this phase “consciousness boot camp,” and frame the day-to-day events of life as obstacle courses that include long marches, surprise inspections, and occasional encounters with a drill sergeant from hell. Okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic, but finding metaphors for the current astrological meta-story isn’t easy. Too many planetary shifts are occurring simultaneously to isolate any one signature from another. For some of us, the solution to the unrelenting intensity is to get under the covers and stay there until the changes are over. For others, defiance and confrontation may become the coping mechanism of choice. But not everyone is resistant to this rigorous training. Regular routines are falling apart from the pressure, but the dissolution of those structures contains powerful creative seeds — seeds that are ready to sprout and thrive in the soil of awareness.

A three-point recap for those just tuning in: (1) We’re still in the midst of a series of Saturn/Uranus oppositions that began in 2008. The fourth in this series occurred on April 26, and the fifth and final exact opposition is on July 26. Saturn/Uranus oppositions signify the dissolution of stagnant structures, and while I know I am repeating myself, some things only stick with repetition, especially for those who find themselves losing solid ground without realizing why. Uranus symbolizes revolution, and as the I-Ching reminds us, all authentic revolutions rely on adequate authority stemming from a higher, inner truth. Apply that wisdom to whatever may be crumbling in your life, and you may be able to discern if the turmoil has a greater purpose. This is not about deserving or not deserving; it is about an awareness of powerful unseen or unconscious forces that have an effect, and developing skill at identifying or integrating that effect.

Additionally, (2) Jupiter is currently in an opposition to Saturn that will be exact on May 23. This opposition has a tendency to trigger premature or immature emotional reactions to situations that are seemingly out of control. Patience is the perfect antidote to the tension. But patience may not be possible because, (3) Jupiter is also closing in on a conjunction with Uranus, which will occur on June 8, in Aries. Given Jupiter’s expansive field of influence, it will hold the Saturn/Uranus opposition in place until the final contact on July 26, which means challenges to the status quo will grow increasingly more intense. The Jupiter/Uranus conjunction occurs in Aries, a Cardinal Sign, given to swift and impulsive action. Jupiter/Uranus contacts are often termed the “Thank the Lord” configuration, because they symbolize the release of tension. This means that as the entire bundle coalesces — the oppositions, conjunctions, and changing Signs — we can expect sudden, startling, and surprising developments, personal and collective, that are no longer based in a desire for conciliation. Aries has no problem taking a stand.

As the atmosphere shifts from conciliation to agitation, those of us committed to consciousness as a means of evolution will need to be prepared to facilitate transformation wherever possible. While this may sound abstract or idealistic, it is as concrete and practical as helping your neighbor handle a difficult situation. When kindness is the currency of change, revolution becomes evolution.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES Gather all you’ve learned about leading from the heart — be bold, decisive, and brave — and you will handle the next phase with dazzling skill.

TAURUS Share your ideas with confidence and you’ll inspire others to join your cause. Not every plan will work, but the important ones will — and that will be enough.

GEMINI So much has changed and so much more continues to change that it would be wise to let things settle down before you make any big decisions.

CANCER Apply your innate nurturing charm to any situation in need of a soothing touch, and you’ll help others find positive creative solutions to pressing problems.

LEO As the wheel of your life turns in a new direction, you may find yourself reeling with emotional intensity. Allow this process to unfold, and you’ll leave behind patterns you didn’t even know were inhibiting your joy.

VIRGO You’re in the midst of closing one cycle and opening other, but that’s no reason to hurry through this phase. Don’t skip the details; they are as important at the end as they are at the beginning.

LIBRA Make patience your constant ally and you’ll handle the surprises gracefully. Remember, consciousness is not about control, but about staying present and responding rather than reacting.

SCORPIO Instead of worrying that others may find you fussy, do your best. A devotion to detail will allow you to put perfect finishing touches on all your plans and projects.

SAGITTARIUS Be prepared to be surprised by an unexpected surge of creative inspiration that could sweep you into an entirely new attitude about how you want to share your gifts with others.

CAPRICORN Potent rumblings deep within your unconscious have the potential to reveal important information. Pay attention and you’ll shift an old pattern that no longer serves.

AQUARIUS Conversation is the key to transformation, especially dialogue and discussion with significant others about what matters most and how to integrate those values into daily life.

PISCES It won’t be possible to contain your excitement, so rather than suppress what you’re feeling, express it. Just keep in mind that each of us will have a different response to the current shifts.

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