.East Bay Orders Up Organic, Artisanal, Small-Batch Weed

The East Bay’s know-your-farmer movement has reached another milestone this month with the expansion of outdoor, organic medical cannabis delivery service Flow Kana.

East Bay patients can now use their mobile phones to order up CBD-rich Tsunami Rose, some THC-rich Ogre Berry, and more. Flow Kana’s trained staffers drop eighth-ounces of what they deem “connoisseur-grade” outdoor bud at your home, office, park, bar, or any location in less than minutes. They’re also doing curated sample packs of three strains, at one gram each.

[jump] Flow Kana partners exclusively with small-batch, master growers, and has been delivering to patients in San Francisco for the past five months. The firm reports an 80 percent customer return rate. 

With co-founders in Hayward, the service is part of a flight of tech-enabled Bay Area delivery companies (C.R.A.F.T., Eaze, Meadow, Green Rush) that are really useful, very popular, and a target for regulatory scrutiny.

Deliveries are largely banned in legal Colorado and Washington. California’s opaque law has been more flexible. Some cities ban deliveries. Others mandate delivery-only. Deliverers must navigate a patchwork of regulations and bans. Most hope to survive until they’re grandfathered in and licensed under a state regulatory scheme, or voter measure.

It’s a good idea that combines a lot of tech-enabled trends: the disintermediation of the supply chain, on-demand delivery, and aggregating menus for a fee.

“For so long we’ve been buying cannabis that we have no idea where it is from, who grew it, or what chemicals and pesticides are in it. We hope to be the first flower brand to consistently deliver high quality, organic, sun grown cannabis every single time. We hope to start selling our flowers through select brick and mortar dispensaries the last quarter of 2015,” Steinmetz said.

In related news:

  • Delivery company Eaze turned one year old Aug. 3, and reports expanding California-wide, raising $11.5 million in funding, and adding physician teleconference service EazeMD.


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