.Check Out Colorado’s Condescending New PSAs

You’d have to be insane to assume that just because a state like Colorado legalized adult-only possession and use of cannabis, it also would legalize driving under the influence of THC.

If you’re one of those lunatics, or maybe you’re just in need of a reminder, the Colorado Department of Transportation has whipped up some funny — if condescending — public service announcements reminding folks of the obvious: it’s still illegal to drive high in Colorado, and everywhere else in the civilized world.


On March 6, the Colorado Department of Transportation launched its “Drive High, Get A DUI” campaign — and the videos are clearly targeting young males. After each incompetent dude fails at life, the video reminds you that driving high is still illegal.

The tone is ironic, given that regulated access to marijuana appears to be driving down the vehicle fatality rate in states that allow medical or recreational pot, especially among the riskiest cohort — young, male motorists driving on weekend nights.

“The first full year after coming into effect, legalization is associated with an 8 to 11 percent decrease in traffic fatalities,” researchers conclude.

“Although we make no policy recommendations, it certainly appears as though medical marijuana laws are making our highways safer,” one researcher stated.

Researchers think young dudes are using legal weed rather than much more dangerous alcohol, taking fewer risks on the road and staying alive. We’d love to see that PSA.

Watch all the videos at the CDOT YouTube page, and stop texting while you drive!


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