.Beware: Falling Objects, Cal Hoops Fans

It’s not always clear in life that you gotten to the peak until you’re no longer there and are looking up from the ground.

Cal basketball on the cusp of 2008 is a flashing neon sign announcing that it’s all downhill from here.

The men’s team began the season by beating Alaska then searched the lower 48 to find other teams they could beat by 60 points; failing that they scheduled a slew of “State” schools, most of them (Nichols State, San Diego State, Long Beach State and Jackson State) not actually states themselves. Cal did beat two States, but Delaware and North Dakota States have about as many Division I talents as they have electoral votes. The Golden Bears are 10-2 entering Pac-10 competition, and with UCLA and USC visiting Berkeley this weekend, the state of emergency is about to descend on the basketbears.

The women’s team about to spit the bit on its number ten national ranking, having beaten mostly teams from lesser California institutions, is on its way to greater California hoops teams in Los Angeles starting Friday.

Both teams hope that building gaudy records against the Little Sisters (and Brothers) of the Poor will provide buffer enough when the big boys (and girls) start smacking Cal around.

So if you like the view from the top Cal fans, better look behind you. Better look fast.


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