.Best Place to Restock Your Zine Collection

Pegasus Books Downtown

Do-It-Yourself Magazines (DIY ‘Zines) emerged when proto-punk met the Xerox machine in the late 70s and early 80s. From the creation of these first ‘zines, an underground snail-mail network was formed that eventually included thousands of ‘zines on various subjects and distribution houses (or “distros”) serving as clearinghouses for, not just ‘zines, but cassettes, stickers, T-shirts and posters. The birth of the internet brought a sharp decline to ‘zines and ‘zine culture, but since the inundation of the digital, DIY is back on the rise. From traditional transgressive text, like Namaste, Motherfucker’s “I really don’t care for fascism” issue, to the agitating photojournalism of Back Lots/Parking Lots, the Pegasus on Shattuck in Berkeley offers an excellent cross-section on what’s available from independent publishers and creators of the Bay Area.


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