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Chow Mein From Tao Yuen Pastry

Let’s be honest: everything at Tao Yuen Pastry is a delicious deal, including the ha gao, siu mai, shrimp-and-scallop dumplings, and steamed or baked pork buns. But if you’re looking for a single item that’ll satiate your appetite, look no further than the chow mein. Thin, freshly fried egg noodles come tossed with chicken or pork, plus veggies like carrots, cabbage, and onions for a little crunch. Even the small container, which clocks in at $4, is more than plenty for even the hungriest single person. Although the container may look small, you’ll be shocked when your server manages to continue piling noodles into the box until it’s filled all the way to the top and then some.


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