music in the park san jose

.Best Place to Dance and Not Spend Money on Alcohol

Dance Jam Berkeley

music in the park san jose

In a world that sometimes offers little respite for the sobriety-inclined, Dance Jam Berkeley offers a refreshing alternative — dancing without alcohol or drugs. Though on the surface it looks like the straight-laced, tee-totaling, drug-free antithesis to Berkeley hippie culture, it’s not as opposite as it seems. The event is part of a bigger network of Ecstatic Dance events, which encourage free-form, “move as you choose” self-expression and creativity in dance sans the drugs or alcohol. Dance Jam Berkeley happens every Friday night, and while it’s $20 for adults and $10-$15 for students and seniors, that’s still considerably less than you’d probably spend for cover and drinks almost anywhere else. The large space where the dancing happens, which looks like it also offers yoga or aerial silks classes, is adorned in a soft light, giving it a very relaxed, warm feel. The DJs play only vinyl at this event, mixing music from the ’60s onward into a crowd-pleasing musical adventure over the course of the night that much like meditation, gets you centered in the present moment and ready for whatever tune comes next.


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music in the park san jose