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Albany Bulb

Many great bayside parks offer an up-close and personal view of the bay. But the Albany Bulb has something many of those don’t — art mixed into the landscape. The art includes sculptures made from scraps of wood, concrete, and other materials people often found around the bulb, as well as graffiti. One of the most famous sculptures is a tall metal and wood sculpture known as the “Beseeching Woman.” The artwork is a reflection of the park’s history — the area used to be part of the bay, but got filled in in the ’60s as a trash landfill, and once that shut down, it became a popular area for people without houses to live. Though people living at the bulb were relocated as part of a transition to the park becoming part of the East Bay Regional Parks District, the park still has a free-range feel and the art has largely been allowed to remain. The organization Love the Bulb also hosts the Bulbfest each May, featuring dance performers from around the bay and world visitors can see for free.


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