.Most Decadent Pool Deck

Claremont Club & Spa

Hanging out at the — not one, not two, but three — pools at the Claremont Club & Spa, nestled in the hills on the border of Oakland and Berkeley, will transport you from the hustle and bustle of inner-city life to a peaceful Club Med-like experience, as if you’re visiting a resort along the Mediterranean. There is a heated lap pool, good for families, water aerobics, and swimmers; a cooler lap pool built for the serious and Master’s class swimmers; and a baby-friendly pool complete with water spouts to spray the toddlers splashing about in joy. The Claremont no long offers a day pass, so the only way to visit these trio of pools is to be a hotel guest; guest of a club member; or join the club yourself, which is so pricey that the price tag is only given out during an informational tour.

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