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The Royal Stardust Deluxe Dog Collar at Paco Collars

There may be no greater extravagance than money spent outfitting a dog, and yet here we are. The Royal Stardust Deluxe dog collar by Paco Collars (“Yes, a store just for dog collars,” as the sign outside its former Shattuck location proudly proclaimed) is a real show stopper. The collar is inspired by the organic curves of the Milky Way galaxy and features multiple sizes of rhinestones in an undulating pattern. The color of the rhinestones is customizable, meaning you can match the collar to your pooch’s eyes (or mood). The Deluxe model has two layers of leather and a -inch studded border for extra glam. Like all of Paco’s collars, the Stardust is guaranteed for life. The Deluxe model retails for between $255 and $300, but can you really put a price on beauty?


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