.A’s in Splittsville

A bad place to be even when facing the Astros

The A’s just finished winning one and losing one against the San Francisco Giants, that following a week in Chicago where Oakland won three and lost three. Which is not going to get this or any team into the playoffs unless they buy a ticket.

Coming up in the next two weeks is lots of Houston Astros and then excessive New York Yankees. We need to find some anti-entropic energy and fast!

Thursday is going to set the tone. The A’s throw ace, Mike Fiers against the Astros worst starting pitcher. Failure to exploit the one game where we have an advantage will lead to a baseball shame spiral (also known as Justin Verlander). Part of what makes the past week’s equilibrium so uneasy is that this is the part of the season where it is going to feel like victory to go .500. Best news of the week is the rebirth of Matt Chapman. Our platinum-glove winner brought back his booming bat, hitting two home runs against the Giants on a day he probably could have had three. Add that to Monday’s good swings, Chapman is getting lethal again during this playoff drive; see Jason Giambi, Miguel Tejada, Josh Donaldson as points of historical reference. The A’s are one of three teams chasing two spots in the wild-card race and their rivals aren’t losing…yet. Thursday might be the closet thing to a must-win game this season. The A’s have to be better than even Steven Piscotty to make the Rays and Indians feel the pressure of the pennant race. Time to bring some serious imbalance to the ballpark this weekend.


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