Waiting in Limbo

For the week of September 1-8, 2010.

This week we are betwixt and between, caught in a not-quite-here, not quite-there planetary pattern that unravels regular routines. Five planets are retrograde (six if you count Chiron), which means no matter how determined you may be to make forward progress, the actual pace of daily life will be glacial. Expect frustration to erupt over all sorts of situations, large or small. Also anticipate previously solid ground to be less reliable, a condition that could make attitudes about the future even more uncertain and confused.

But that’s not all. We are also at the end of a long, cool summer (or a hot one, depending on where you are) made all the worse by a simultaneous season of unrelenting astral intensity. While most of us tend to be wistful about the end of summer, this year you may find yourself wishing it were over — the summer of our discontent behind us, and the glorious days of fall offering the promise of relief. But we’re not there yet.

Currently, we are still in the throes of Mercury Retrograde, which continues until September 12. (Though it ends so late in the day, it might be best to consider September 13 the final day. And if you include the three-day rule as Mercury “turns around” and gathers momentum, it would be best to wait until September 16.) Because Mercury drives the mechanics of daily life — communication and travel — its retrograde phase is never a good time to initiate new plans or projects, and always a good time to review what’s already in motion.

Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces on September 9, where it will stay until January 22. As Jupiter moves back into Pisces, it conjuncts Uranus, also retrograde in Pisces. (Their conjunction is exact on September 18.) Jupiter/Uranus contacts are believed to be beneficial, even if the immediate benefit isn’t obvious. For instance, this conjunction could precipitate the move out of a relationship you don’t think you’re ready to leave, only to discover that its dissolution has set you free. Or, it could unexpectedly remove obstacles you once deemed insurmountable, and replace them with a clear path toward your goal. Another possible expression of a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, in Pisces, is a deep experience of divine guidance and an unmistakable sense of serendipity. Of course, not every manifestation will be momentous; for some, this conjunction could be simply a long, relaxed exhale that puts you back in your body, feet firmly planted on the ground. But for even more, those feet could land in deep emotional waters, revisiting recent decisions and reexamining the consequences of those choices.

Don’t be dismayed if you have a hard time staying in present time this week and next. The “gravitational” pull of so many planets moving behind instead of ahead is likely to pull hearts and minds back to the not-so-distant past. Rather than resist this tendency, use it to your advantage, by having the courage to look at what the summer brought to the surface. Retrogrades are about opportunities to reconsider previous choices, as well as to refine prior decisions. Go over the facts, but also reflect on your emotional reactions to certain situations. There’s no need to take any unnecessary action. This is simply an opportunity to think about all that’s been set in motion.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES The focus is on relationships issues, particularly on how you structure partnerships of every kind, including your relationship with yourself. Examine your intentions and you’ll gather valuable self-awareness.

TAURUS Try not to let work-related situations spiral into a major case of existential angst. You have been through this before, and need to continue to work on creating a strong internal center.

GEMINI You are in a powerful creative flow, but before you say, “not so,” consider this: Creativity is not limited to an art or a craft. It is an attitude, and it has the power to transform the mundane into the extraordinary.

CANCER Embrace your longing for quiet and solitude, and instead of spending your time and efforts being social, give yourself permission to withdraw. You won’t miss anything by taking care of yourself.

LEO Certain conversations may be hard to have, but that’s no reason to dive into denial and pretend those exchanges are important and necessary. Rely on your innate courage and generosity, and speak your truth.

VIRGO Rather than resist reviewing the details of certain transactions, welcome the chance to revisit a persistent situation. Set the record straight, accept responsibility if it’s yours, and move on.

LIBRA While your specific situation isn’t necessarily improving, the overall environment is, and that translates into many opportunities for increased clarity and insight. Seize this moment and you’ll make progress.

SCORPIO You’re walking a fine line between realizing what needs improvement and brooding over what cannot be corrected. Ease the tension by exploring the notion of the reconciliation of opposites.

SAGITTARIUS Interactions — negative or positive — with members of your community trigger dynamic emotional responses. Be prepared to be surprised, and you’ll handle the drama.

CAPRICORN An old idea is inhibiting your ability to find the solution. If you’re willing to stand the situation on its head, you might discover a new perspective that solves the puzzle.

AQUARIUS Don’t be surprised if you hit a growth spurt — even in the middle of a retrograde — which moves you into a new phase of accelerated personal transformation.

PISCES The goal is being disciplined enough to stay present. If you can stay focused, your hard work will eventually deliver exponential benefits — and that means m-o-n-e-y.


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