.Uptown Kitchen and The Sound Room: Mixing Local Food Artisans and Jazz

At The Sound Room (2147 Broadway), one of a handful of new jazz clubs to open in Oakland during the past several months, guests taking in a show need not settle for typical concert venue food — overpriced burgers and pasta dishes and such. Instead, dinner might feature crispy pork belly confit or a bountiful plate of seafood paella. For dessert, there might be too-pretty-to-eat artisanal cupcakes.

All of the food is provided by Uptown Kitchen (2145 Broadway), a commercial kitchen and food business incubator that’s located adjacent to the jazz club. Since the two ventures launched last fall, their collaboration — jazz on one side of the building, a rotating list of local food artisans on the other — has proved mutually beneficial and may provide an interesting new model for club owners and kitchen proprietors alike.


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