City Manager: “We have a regional housing crisis” “And the big debate is how much regulation is an appropriate amount of regulation.”

Council did an ordinance in March, put the option in front of voters so they ahve a choice. which is of course a false choice

Renters did the same

Landlords did and failed so far.

“Affirming the city council’s measure” but with two addtions: 1) ALLOWING council in future to revise ordinance, and 2) 

Specific language will be back on August 8 for the city measure.

Alameda’s city attorney, TK, says that if there are two ballot measures that both pass with majority of voter approval, the measure with more votes will be enacted as city law. FOR THE CITY MEASURE ONLY. THERE IS NO LANGUAGE IN THE ARC MEASURE! WOOPS!

Attorneys from both sides would have to reconcile the two, in the case that the ARC measure gets more votes. Got that? 🙂

August 12 deadline to get on ballot

Bill Rowen

Crystal, 470 Central, Filipino Advocates for Justice, “The ordinance is not providing tenants with the protections that it was supposed to provide”

Erin Sibido, FAFJ, and UC Santa Cruz student … “We aren’t going to sit here and watch our beautiful island turn into an island of gentrification”

Renters complained about landlords who ask for SS numbers. Landlords with threatening letters about maintenance.

Brad Hearts/Hern: 

470 Central residents, need to talk to them!

The city ordinance that’s being put to the ballot in November would be a charter amendment if passed.

Bigger picture of anti-growth policies in Alameda … compounded by desirability of living on island and commuting to nearby via ferry to San Francisco, or through the tunnel to Oakland.

Speakers noted that, in this hyper-competitive rental market, what sort of tenant would challenge a landlords rent offer. Or, for that matter, what renters can even afford to do so.

Pet rent, amplified security deposits based on higher rents.

Link to Chron story: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Alameda-could-add-2nd-rent-control-measure-to-8385460.php

How does the “fixed term lease” loophole work. …

Daysog/city wants a charter amendment

ARC wants  a charter amendment

Landlords tried and failed for an measure, too.


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