.Thursday’s Briefing: East Bay skies turn gray with ash; Oakland police officer wore favored attire of far-right extremist group

Oakland joins another fight against Trump

News you don’t want to miss for Sept. 10:

1. The East Bay’s skies have gone from orange to gray on Thursday, but still no blue. Meanwhile air quality in the entire Bay Area is worsening as fine ash and black soot blankets the region., the San Francisco Chronicle reports. $$

2. A likely year-long shelter in place order, wildfires, power outages, and now ominous and dirty skies is leaving Bay Area residents with a mindset that can disrupt their physical and mental state of mind, KTVU reports.

3. Oakland joined six other cities that want the Trump administration to release records pertaining to the use of federal law enforcement agents, such as Portland this summer, KTVU reports.

4. An Oakland police officer was photographed wearing a Hawaiian shirt under his tactical vest. The floral shirts are often associated with the Boogaloo Boys, a far-right extremist group, but Oakland Interim Police Chief Susan Manheimer said it was just a poor choice of work attire, the East Bay Times reports. $$

5. “Police arrested a man believed to be involved in a shooting that killed one man and injured three others last month in an East Oakland neighborhood,” the East Bay Times reports. The deceased was an Oakland teacher. $$

6. As if there isn’t enough sports on TV these days, the NFL season starts tonight and two former Bay Area rivals are still talking trash. “We’re still here” is the 49ers new marketing slogan, the East Bay Times reports. Without a doubt, the tagline is a jibe at the former Oakland Raiders, who begin their new lives in Las Vegas this weekend. The slogan is a bit ironic, though, since the 49ers also ditched their home for Santa Clara. $$

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