Think Before You Act

For the week of September 7-13, 2011.

Daily life moves almost faster than light this week, and while the planets (including Earth) aren’t accelerating in their orbits, regular routines feel as if they are moving at Warp Factor 9. Expect multitasking to take on a new dimension, and don’t be surprised if you start to grow additional hands and feet (not to mention brain cells) to cope with the shifting pace. Resistance is futile, and even as I think about writing the next sentence, I’m aware of its improbability: Try to think before you speak, but especially before you act.

There is a strong tendency toward impetuous and reactive behavior you might later regret. Of course, spontaneity is always welcome as a creative response to what is. But that’s not the impulsivity I’m talking about. The current danger lies in the sudden urge to download, discharge, and disclose, saying all the things you previously managed to hold back. Continue to be discriminate. Just because you feel it’s time to come clean doesn’t mean the object of your tirade or confession is ready or able to hear you. Let your conscience as well as your consciousness be your guide.

The source of the quickening pace continues to be a wave of Martian interactions. Hold on tight; we’re riding variations of this wave for the next several weeks, and because Mars symbolizes physical activity as well as strength and stamina, it’s bound to be a lively expedition. Anticipate a high level of ambition and motivation. Also expect the need to spend the surplus energy of this sextile physically.

The next couple of weeks could also be quite a romantic ride, as Mars continues to sextile Venus. This passionate interaction stimulates strong amorous desire that could turn a casual fling into a consuming obsession, especially next week, when Venus moves into an opposition with Uranus and a square to Pluto. Venus/Uranus interactions are notorious for unusual liaisons that are sudden, spontaneous, and excessive. Just be aware: These ardent adventures tend to die down as quickly as they flare up.

Venus is traveling in tandem with the Sun, and as she continues to form that perfect union, those not inclined toward the sexual expression of love may find themselves drawn to other passionate endeavors. This entire combination inspires the artist within, whether poet, musician, painter, writers, actor, or gardener.

Mars is the planet through which we take a stand — for ourselves or for others — and handling its might with skill requires staying present and in the moment. Don’t be surprised if your patience and tolerance are tested. Lots of people will experience the dynamic force of Mars as permission to act on the basis of every urge without regard to the consequences. On the positive side of the Martian spectrum lies a deep reservoir of energy that can be put to good use accomplishing the tasks at hand, whatever they may be.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES A slight recalibration of consciousness is required this week, as you move out of career concerns and into relationship issues. Professional partnerships are also included in the overall picture, so pay attention to how you want to define your role.

TAURUS I know you like being self-sufficient, but hyper-independence isn’t always healthy. Be honest with yourself about what it is you need to feel safe and secure, and then be equally honest with others about those needs.

GEMINI You’re still extraordinarily busy at home, putting on the finishing touches as well as attending to the details of a variety of projects and plans. Continue to follow through and you’ll be more than pleased with the results.

CANCER The dialogue and discussion continue, but this week, some portion of the conversation is likely to have a softer tone. Whether you’re whispering sweet nothings or proposing an erotic encounter, be prepared for a sensual response.

LEO Refuse to indulge your desire to brood, even if your intuitive assessment of the potential is thwarted by the actual outcome. Remember: You’re learning from this madness, and that’s all that matters.

VIRGO There are several situations that you are required to handle with care, and you have the skill and sensitivity to take charge. Be confident in your ability to make the right decisions and you’ll be satisfied with the outcome.

LIBRA Your external situation is unsettling, but that doesn’t mean your attitude has to reflect the disturbances. Sure, it would be nice if the details were easier to handle, but given the circumstances you’re doing just fine.

SCORPIO It’s all about perception and perspective: You can fret over finances and keep wishing things were different, or you can accept your situation for what it is and then get to work changing it.

SAGITTARIUS Keep your focus on your career and ignore the many distractions that might interfere with your plan. I know that sounds like all work and no play, and it is, but at the moment it’s necessary.

CAPRICORN If you allow yourself the indulgence of romance, you’ll find the perfect remedy for the doldrums. It’s not that you’re lost in a sea of stagnation; you’re just hungry for genuine connection.

AQUARIUS It’s a juggling act: On one hand you feel the need to turn a fluid situation into a solid, grounded one, and on the other you need to stretch your creative wings and fly.

PISCES You’re in the mood for love, and that could be exactly what you experience — especially if you are willing to allow yourself to be open and share your feelings. You just might discover they are mutual.

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