The winners of the 2012 Erotic Shorts Film Competition:

Thank you for all the tremendous entries for BRIEFS 2012.
We received entries from Madrid, Spain and Venice (CA) but most importantly from our very own Bay Area. Entered films range from funny to fetish, from suggestive to down right nasty. All films are now in the hands of our selection committee. Prepare yourselves for erotica: East Bay Style.

The East Bay Express is proud to announce the winners of the 2012 Erotic Shorts Film Competition:

Judges Award

SEX {1,2,3}
Directed by Ren Dodge & Ashley Cox

Audience Choice

Directed by Nenna Feelmore Joiner

East Bay Express Staff Choice

Directed by Daniel J. Kennard



Director: J.F.Dooley

Cast : Johnnie, Erotikim, Glitter Girl, Juliet

Crew: Crew: Camera: SKJ, Costumes-Props: Curtis
Erasure, ABBA

Running Time: 4:30
Film Date: 2001

“Fairy dust leads to a shower wanking session, rocking out on the roof, and more shower happiness.”

At Night
Director: Max Landes & Phil Aceto

Cast & Crew: Frank Tamburin, Samantha Turvill, Kristen Andersson, Gerard Urciuoli

Running Time: 11:00
Film Date: 2007

“A man and a woman watch a sexy mystery on the TV. Soon their world and the world in the glowing box begin to merge and no one seems to be responsible for their actions, begging the question: who is in remote control? “

Director: Natasha DeWolf & Jennifer Gigantino

Running Time: 3:15
Film Date: 2012

“A Sexy Parody on Pixar’s ‘UP’

Sex {1, 2, 3…}
Director: Ren Dodge & Ashley Cox

Cast & Crew: Ren “motherfucking” Dodge, Ashley “sucks” Cox

Running Time: 1:27 seconds
Film Date: 01/30/2012

“A stop-motion sequence depicting a simple act of sex”

Echoes of Dreams
Director: Evadne Toki

Cast & Crew: Echo, Evadne & FeFe
Filmed by Kintaro at Fantasy makers
Music by the Taki Family

Running Time: 14:10
Film Date: 01/11/2012

“Kinky dreams can come true when you wish upon a star”

Soft Cock Erotic Massage
Director: Richard Kramer

Cast: Jesse Spencer, Tho Vong, Ursula Goulet

Running Time: 9:17
Film Date: Edited January 2012

“Two lovers massage a third love, pushing the boundaries of eroticism.”

SAW 69: The Fuckenng
Director: Natasha DeWolf

Cast : Ms. Exxxcentric
Anell Alley

Crew: Director, Editor: Natasha DeWolf
Shot by Gabriell

Running Time: 1:45
Film Date: 2011

“A sexual parody of the ‘SAW’ horror Franchise.”

Anchor and Anatomic
Director: Courtney Trouble

Cast: Robert Would, Quinn Valentine

Crew: Ella Quincy

Running Time: 10:30
Film Date: 9/2011

“Quinn Valentine and Robert Would in a sensual, yet filthy scene shot right here in Oakland. Watch their bodies pulse together with big cocks and 69 action. These two boys give us filthy, hot chemistry and one of the hottest orgasms in queer porn history. So hot it received a standing ovation at the 20112 Berlin Porn Festival.”

Pedal to Pleasure
Director: Poppy Cox & Anne Fidler
Cast & Crew: Poppy Cox & Mademoiselle Margo
& Reverend Phil as the Man in the Bed

Editing & Wardrobe: Poppy Cox
Camera and other support: Liberty Sprocket & Reverend Phil
Music: Chinawoman – ‘Keep in Mind’, Celebration – ‘Pony’

Running Time: 7:56
Film Date: 2012

“In a sleepy town, a woman finds all the satisfaction she needs between her legs”

Hella Brown
Director: Nenna Feelmore Joiner

Cast: Altair Shadow, AfroDisiac

Crew: Nenna Feelmore Joiner, Casper Rain

Running Time: 15:00
Film Date: 5/29/2010

“Real Sex in the City.”

Forest Hump
Director: Natasha DeWolf

Cast: Dilbert Humphries,
Anell Alley,
Andy Conda,
Sissy DeWolf

Crew:Editor: Natasha DeWolf
Shot by Gabriell

Running Time: 2:23
Film Date: 2011

“A sexual parody of ‘Forest Gump’.”

Happy Ending
Director: Jon Wai-keung Lowe

Cast: Larry Kitagawa, Ben Eurphat

Crew: Cinematography: David Harris,
Sound Recording: Ho Lin
Original Score: Ben Euphrat
Production/Art Department: Lauren Shorovsky, Gene Mocsy

Running Time: 2:56
Film Date: 2010

“A Lonely businessman seeks comfort from the back pages of a newspaper.”

Director: Daniel Joseph Kennard

Cast & Crew: Jose Munoz
Lisa Sims
Bryce Bishari
Madeline Hess
Tony Sampedro
Daniel Estandian
Daniel Kennard

Running Time: 12:06
Film Date: 01/2012
“A truth that has omitted itself for far too long is revealed, somewhere between waking and dreaming.”

Director: Jamie Dewolf

Cast: Judy Thompson & David Weiss

Crew: Written & Directed by Jamie DeWolf
Shot by Michelantony Dunson
Edited by Michelantony & Jamie Dewolf

Running Time: 6:53
Film Date: 2010

“A psycho-sexual cat and mouse game with an unexpected twist- Trust us, it’s funny.”


BRIEFS erotic shorts film competition Awards Party
February 17th 8pm/12 Midnight

at the Uptown Nightclub 1928 Telegraph, Oakland

BRIEFS: The East Bay Express’ Erotic Shorts Film Competition showcasing short works by Bay Area amateur and professional filmmakers.

The one night screening will showcase the accepted filmmakers who have explored the limits of erotic entertainment while engaging attendees in a liberating experience.

THE GOAL: to create a dynamic, entertaining event dedicated to sexual imagination and cinema where filmmakers and fans can gather to enjoy films that push the boundaries of eroticism.

Judges’ favorite: $500
Audience choice: $500
East Bay Express staff pick: $500

WHERE: the historic Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA
February 16, 7pm

Technical Requirements:


* Entries must be Blu-Ray, DVDs, or QT files

* A QuickTime File 1280 x 720 or smaller

* 29.97 frames per second is preferred (but can also work with 23.98 or 59.94)

* Audio: 48k, 16 bit, Stereo

* Codec either Apple Pro Res or H264

* HD Note: All HD films will be letterboxed in the final mix

* If you are doing SD (4:3)

* A QuickTime File 720 x 486

* 29.97 frames per second

* Audio: 48k, 16 bit, Stereo

* Codec either Apple Pro Res or H264


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