.The Living Body Archive of Linqox Criss At City Limits

Amanda Turner Pohan’s The Living Body Archive of Linqox Criss at City Limits Gallery (300 Jefferson St., Oakland) is best viewed horizontally. As you walk into the minimal space, approach the massive block of pink foam in the center of the room and slowly place yourself on top of it, letting the back of your head sink in slightly. At your feet, two speakers will present a diaristic narration; behind your head, two air conditioners will emit different but harmonious custom perfumes that smell sexy and soothing; and above you, a mounted monitor will offer a personal viewing of an approximately twenty-minute look into an alternate reality. Pohan’s video centerpiece follows Linqox Criss, a character in the formerly popular online virtual reality world Second Life, who was once used by its owner as a BDSM cyber-sex worker to produce digital currency as well as explore various iterations of gender expression. Now, Criss is stuck within that world along with 21.5 million other characters who are almost entirely forgotten by their authors. The Living Body Archive of Linqox Criss sensually immerses the viewer in that lonely dimension, poetically positioning the world of idle avatars as an unlikely archive. Recommended.


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