The Green Light Special

In early 2016, Oakland lost its only Walmart, and 400 people lost their jobs.
The Edgewater Drive location was one of 150 stores across the country that the big box retailer believed was in trouble, either because the city had just raised its minimum wage, or because people would rather just order stuff off of Amazon. But instead of going gently into that good night, Walmart has since amped up its online business, an e-David going after an e-Goliath.

The ever-expanding store now offers many goods you can’t even buy in person — including the Rosineer RNR-MV1, a manual rosin press. You know, to make cannabis concentrates.

That’s right. For just $299, you can buy a dab machine from Walmart, perfect for making shatter or wax in the comfort of your own home. That’s $100 less than you’ll find it elsewhere, because as we all know, Walmart is famous for its “always low prices.”

Before you lose your faith in the Walton family, the website works with a ton of third-party sellers. But if you think that maybe they were trying to market the Rosineer as serving some other purpose, just read the description, which states it has “tools for best plant oil extractions (especially suitable [for] flowers or buds).”

Dabbing is one of the trendier ways to consume marijuana these days, and the concentrate industry has exploded in recent years, inspiring some consumers to go DIY. But most other production methods involve potentially dangerous substances like butane and ethanol. The Rosineer is an easy alternative, if you’ve got the money for it.

Leafly first reported that the rosin press was for sale on July 7; by the 10th, the device had disappeared from the Walmart website.

But don’t worry. You can still get a Rosineer, or something like it, on Amazon — with free shipping for Prime members.

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