.Sonya Rapoport: Final Works

The pioneering artist's last artworks at Krowswork gallery.

Sonya Rapoport was ahead of her time. She was one of the first women to earn a master’s degree in painting, which she received form UC Berkeley in 1949. And from there she delved into experimentation with early digital media, creating interactive installations that used computer programs to gather and reconfigure data — often integrating emotion and computing in a manner commonplace today but unheard of at the time. She is now remembered for a 66-year-long career of conceptual work that coopted scientific language to relay feminist critiques. The solo show Sonya Rapoport: Final Works culminates Krowswork’s year-long experimental residency program. The artist was nearly finished creating new work for the show when she died at the age of 91 this past June. Rapoport knew her time was limited, and her last two projects, “Yes or No” and “The Transitive Property of Equality,” reflect on her lengthy career with parting observations. The show also includes an interactive installation that Rapoport designed in collaboration with her assistant, artist Farley Gwazda. The piece collects reactions related to the work in the show and records them in a “holographic database.” Final Works is a fascinating retrospective with a rare, personal tone.


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