.10+ Sites Like EscortBabylon: Best Escort Sites in 2023

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Let’s face it—EscortBablyon is not what it used to be. The way the escort site has been acting lately, it may just end up buried in history, just like its namesake.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of sites like EscortBabylon used to be, if not better.

You know, reliable escort sites that make booking escort services easy and enjoyable—as it should be.

There are also efficient hookup sites that are basically like Sin City, where you can easily find someone who’s down and not even pay for it.

And we bring you the best of both worlds with our list of the best sites like EscortBabylon.

10 Sites Like EscortBabylon

First glimpse at the EscortBabylon alternatives we’ll look into:

1. AdultFriendFinder—#1 Site Like EscortBabylon



  • 80+ million users worldwide
  • Everyone’s down
  • Tons of adult entertainment 


  • Some inactive accounts

AdultFriendFinder beats all other sites like EscortBabylon for many reasons. If we had to single out just two, they would be its sheer size and the fact that it’s easy to find someone to get laid FREE of charge.

Well, not completely free—you would have to subscribe.

Subscription fees are affordable (they start at $19.95 a month), but most of all, they are worth it, especially considering you don’t have to pay for sexual services.

Here’s the deal with AdultFriendFinder—it’s a hookup site and one that was made with casual encounters in mind.

So, everyone’s there for that one goal, and there are 80+ million worldwide users.

That makes it really easy to find someone for a one-night stand, especially in the United States. There are some inactive profiles, so the best way to connect is by visiting the site’s discussion forum, where people meet and chat about all things sex-related. 

There’s a lot of adult content besides the forum, like live cams (by both pros and users) and explicit movies. When you don’t feel like hooking up, there’ll be tons of stuff to keep you entertained.

If you want to know more, check out our full AdultFriendFinder review.

>>Jump to Adult Friend Finder, the top dating site like EscortBabylon

2. Ashley Madison—Lots of Girls Who Are Down

ashley madison


  • Free for women
  • Extra discreet
  • Escorts & horny girls


  • Some catfishes

Next on our list of sites like Escort Babylon is Ashley Madison—another treasure trove, but also not an escort site.

Instead, Ashley Madison was created as an affairs site, which is why it’s the most discreet option on our list.

You have the app disguise option, which lets you disguise the app on your phone as something else entirely, and you can customize the notifications to say what you want them to say.

There’s also a panic button that shuts down the app immediately, and you can private your profile to the degree you want.

Ashley Madison is full of women looking for some casual good times, which makes it an efficient place to hit if you’re looking for easy hookups.

Women can use the site 100 percent free, while men are the ones who pay as they go through a credit system. That way, you only end up paying for the features you actually use.

Leaving the site free for women has predictably attracted some fake profiles and catfishes. But you have the video chat features to filter them out.

Many local escorts are also on the site, so if you are looking for their services, you won’t have much trouble finding escorts there.

If you want to know more, check out our full Ashley Madison review.

>>Head to Ashley Madison, where girls are always down

3. Happy Escorts—New Kid on the Block

happy escorts


  • Worldwide presence
  • Good selection of male escorts
  • Live cams, too


  • Not that many escorts

If you’re here for escort sites like Escort Babylon rather than amazing hookup apps, here’s our top pick—Happy Escorts.

Who doesn’t like a happy escort? We know we do.

Escorts on Happy Escorts are truly something else. First of all—they all look amazing, and we really like the quality of escort profiles.

Now, when it comes to quantity, we’re sad to report that the escort site doesn’t really have a huge database, which is its only flaw.

It has solid worldwide coverage, but some cities have fewer than 100 escorts.

It might be due to the fact that Happy Escorts is a new kid on the block. Still, we really like the escorts there, and there are plenty of options in the United States.

There is also a good chunk of male escorts, both gay and straight. 

And on those nights you’re low on dough, you can always have some fun watching live cams on Happy Escorts, which kinda completes the whole adult experience.

>>Go to Happy Escorts, the up-and-coming site like Escort Babylon

4. EscortDirectory—Escort Site With VIP Escorts

escort directory


  • VIP escorts & porn stars
  • Highly efficient
  • Search by price range


  • More expensive rates

Nothing really comes close to VIP escorts, and EscortDirectory is one of the best sites like Escort Babylon in that regard.

That’s what it’s famous for—VIP escorts, ranging from e-celebrities to porn stars to TV personalities and everything in between.

Now, we all know VIP escorts mean a whole lot more fun and add another layer to the experience, but VIP escorts also cost more.

That’s just how it is, and that may be this Escort Babylon alternative’s biggest drawback.

But if you don’t mind that, this is the place to go as it really has the widest selection. There’s also an advanced search bar that lets you filter by price, which is pretty useful when it comes to VIP escorts.

EscortDirectory also has a wide array of regular escorts, and they’re pretty hot.

The interface is very modern and easy to use, and the whole process, from booking an escort to her showing up at your place, is pretty fast and straightforward.

>>Jump to EscortDirectory, the Escort Babylon alternative with top VIP escorts

5. Euro Girl Escorts—Top European Escorts



  • Escort reviews
  • Hot escorts
  • VIP escorts 


  • Only in Europe

If the roads ever take you to Rome (and you know what they say) or any other part of Europe, Euro Girl Escorts is your best bet to find the perfect girls for a good time.

It’s the best escort site like Escort Babylon for those traveling to Europe, as it literally covers all European countries.

You’ve got girls from the EU countries to girls in non-EU countries, and there’s good coverage city-wise.

We like the fact that most of these escorts are in their 20s—probably college students with a side hustle.

They’re pretty hot, too, and there’s also a good selection of VIP escorts.

Most of these are models, TV personalities, aspiring actresses, and European porn stars. You know, the girls that know how you give you a good time.

Their escort profiles are pretty detailed, and there are escort reviews by previous clients—and you’ve gotta love sites with escort reviews.

The only downside with this site like Escort Babylon is that it’s only available in Europe.

>>Check out Euro Girl Escorts, one of the top escort sites in Europe

6. KittyAds—Easy-To-Use Site Like Escort Babylon

kitty ads


  • Tons of options
  • Diverse escorts
  • No ads


  • Old-fashioned site design

Here’s one for all our boomers and luddites out there—KittyAds. If you want to get your hands on sexy escorts but aren’t really tech-savvy, this is your option.

It’s just so straightforward and easy to use.

The site design might also bring back some memories of the 2000s—it’s so outdated, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing, as it adds to the simplicity.

KittyAds is an international escort site like Escort Babylon, though it’s primarily US-focused.

There are plenty of escort girls in any city you choose, which is excellent—we love escort sites with plenty of options.

What we also like about KittyAds is the fact that the escorts on it are pretty diverse in every way possible. 

There’s a good selection of all races and ethnicities, as well as male escorts, gay escorts, and even shemales.

Here’s another thing boomers will love—there’s NO ADS on this escort site whatsoever.

>>Jump to KittyAds, the simplest site like Escort Babylon

7. Alt.com—Kinkiest Girls



  • BDSM community’s stronghold
  • Sex-positive and kinky folks
  • Tons of adult content


  • Niche site, so small user base

We just had to include another one of the non-escort sites like Escort Babylon, for those of you who prefer to get laid without paying—Alt.com.

Alt.com is one of the horniest hookup sites and the BDSM community’s stronghold. 

It’s your ticket into the lifestyle and your local BDSM community. But Alt.com isn’t only about BDSM—there are plenty of other kinks and kinksters on it.

Everyone on it is there for some wild times, so it’s pretty easy to find someone for a one-night stand.

Since it is a niche site, it’s smaller than general dating sites like EscortBabylon, so there’s that. But the site is pretty big in the US, nonetheless.

Alt.com is also one of the most user-friendly and affordable dating sites, with subscriptions starting at $8.33 a month. And you will need to subscribe to contact other members.

You’ll also have the option to video call other members.

Another reason why Alt.com is a great website is the fact it’s got tons of adult content available, like live cams and X-rated videos.

>>Go to Alt.com, a great alternative to Escort Babylon

8. Tryst—Best for LGBT Escorts



  • Lots of LGBTQ+ escorts
  • Top-quality site design
  • Indie escorts


  • Not all U.S. cities are covered

All our LGBTQ+ folks out there or those with a taste for LGBTQ+ escorts will love Tryst—it’s the most LGBTQ+-friendly site like Escort Babylon.

Not only that, but it also has the highest number of LGBTQ+ escorts.

The rainbow community really thrives here, but it’s not a dedicated LGBTQ+ escort website, so there are plenty of female escorts and straight men on it, too.

Tryst creators brought us a bussin’ site—that much is clear straight from the user interface.

You can see that the site looks high-quality, and it also has high-quality tools, like the search bar, that will help you find the perfect escort.

Escort profiles are detailed, and you’ll see all the escort services a particular girl offers and how much she charges.

What separates Tryst from other escort sites are the escort interviews, which let you get a feel for what each escort is like before booking an escort service.

It really is a huge escort website that serves like a community of indie escorts as opposed to agency ones.

>>Check out Tryst, one of the top LGBTQ+ escort websites

9. Bedpage—Backpage 2.0



  • Just like Bedpage
  • Classified ads
  • Personal adult classifieds, too


  • Kinda chaotic

Remember Backpage? Those were the times. Well, we can still go back—kinda—with some of the best Backpage alternatives, like Bedpage.

Bedpage even looks just like Backpage, so you will have flashbacks from the good old days as soon as you set foot on the escort site.

You also may find some of your favorite escorts from Backpage there, too, as many have migrated there when the escort site got shut down.

Bedpage also works just like Backpage—you’ve got classified ads from local escorts you respond to, or you post your own, and that’s about it.

If you liked Backpage’s personals, you’ll also love that you can post personal classified ads on Bedpage, too. You can even find a relationship there.

It’s 100 percent free, too.

Now, the fact that it’s free to both post ads and use the site has resulted in LOTS of people using it, so it gets kind of chaotic on those feeds.

Still, it’s worth going through the ads, and the search functions will help you find what you’re looking for. Check out other sites like Backpage or

>>Head to Bedpage, one of the best sites like Escort Babylon

10. DoubleList—Free Escort Site



  • 100 percent free
  • Lots of escort service ads
  • Works for dating, too


  • No app

Speaking of the old legends, do we have any Craigslist lovers here? DoubleList is the best Craigslist alternative you can get.

Just like Craigslist, DoubleList also runs on classified ads.

And much like Craigslist, DoubleList is 100 percent free to use, and it’s one of the best escort sites you can use for free at that.

That’s largely due to a huge amount of all kinds of ads.

Firstly, there are tons of ads from all kinds of escorts around the US—there are escorts for all sexual preferences, as well as ads for massage parlors.

The bonus is that there are more cheap escorts on DoubleList than anywhere else.

Then there are the personal ads from folks looking for anything from one-night stands to serious relationships, just like on Craigslist.

DoubleList is also kinda hectic, just like Craigslist used to be, but the search bar will deliver the search results you’re looking for.

>>Jump to DoubleList, one of the best escort sites like Escort Babylon

11. FreeAdsTime—Cheapest Escorts

free ads time


  • 100 percent free
  • Easy to use
  • You can find literally anything


  • Kinda disorganized

We had to put FreeAdsTime as a bonus to our list of the best sites like EscortBabyon because you can find just about anything on it. 

It may not be one of the fancy escort sites (that much is clear as soon as you open it), but it is the place where you can find the cheapest local escorts.

FreeAdsTime is a classified ads platform where people sell and exchange all kinds of things and services.

Everyone gets a chance to post an ad for free and to respond to other people’s ads.

The site has amazing coverage country-wise, and it includes even the smallest cities. But the reason why it’s on our list is due to the fact that you can easily find cheap local escorts.

Head to the personal ads section and look through search results.

You can also post your own personal ads and respond to other folks’ personals and end up with a hookup free of charge.

>>Jump to FreeAdsTime, the place with the cheapest escorts

How We Chose the Best Sites Like Escort Babylon

Before we jump right into the reviews of the sites we chose as the best alternatives to Escort Babylon, it’s only fair to share how we came up with the list.

There are plenty of great sites out there, but we had to streamline the list to 10+ sites only.

That wasn’t easy, so we had to develop a ranking system. Here are the factors we used to rank sites like EscortBabylon and come up with the top 10+.

1. Safety Is Always No.1

Safety always has to come first, right? No one wants to go to sites where they may fall victim to who knows what kind of scams or where their payments aren’t secure.

The top escort sites on this list (and in general) invest a lot in safety and security.

That goes for secure payment options but also to keep their platforms safe from potential predators.

No one wants to waste their time researching whether a site is safe or not when they’re down and looking for a hot escort.

So, we did that part instead of you, and all the options on our list are safe

2. Reputation Matters

When we picked and ranked the best sites like EscortBabylon for our list, we also knew we wanted sites with rock-solid reputations.

Long-standing sites with a proven track record took precedence.

We allowed for some newish sites if they showed high efficiency and performance, but even they had to be vetted.

All the platforms on our list are legal and legit, and they take the necessary measures to stay reputable and offer the best service to their customers.

3. People’s Opinions Matter

You bet we went through any escort review site and users’ reviews online to see what the people had to say about each site.

We wanted sites customers were happy with because happy customers are the goal of every business. 

Happy customers also show that the site is delivering what it set out to deliver and that it WORKS.

Some bad reviews here and there are understandable, but we choose sites with overwhelmingly positive reviews.

4. We Looked At Available Escorts

Hey—escorts sites should have lots of escorts! That’s just how it is. So, of course, we looked at the selection of escorts each site has.

We looked at both quantity and quality.

The sites on our list have impressive numbers of escorts, but they also have a wide selection, which is equally important. 

The more diverse the escort base, the more customers you can make happy.

5. Search Filters Are Important

Why do folks go to escort sites in the first place? To find the right girl for some good times, of course.

So, the search filters that help you with that are important.

Different sites are organized in different ways, be it classified ads or escort profiles, but all sites on our list have excellent search filters.

6. Discretion Is the Name of the Game

You don’t want anyone to know you’re out there hiring escorts or even hooking up—that’s your private life, and it should be discreet.

So, naturally, we looked at how discreet each of the sites was when we ranked them.

The escort sites and even the hookup sites on our list all have top-notch discretion features that will prevent anyone from knowing what you’ve been up to.

7. Extra Features Are Nice

Who doesn’t like some cool extra features here and there? They may not be as important as all the other factors mentioned above, but it’s still nice when they’re there.

Escort reviews are one of them, and it’s pretty useful to see what other clients have to say about an escort and the quality of the services.

Things like live cams or adult videos are other examples of extra features, and it’s always nice when a site goes the extra mile, especially if you’re paying for subscriptions.

Sites Like EscortBabylon FAQs

We told you about some amazing Escort Babylon alternatives, and we know you’re eager to go check them out. But before you do, you can also check out this FAQ part, where we answer some of the most common questions about the topic.

What Are the Best Sites Like Escort Babylon?

The best sites like Escort Babylon are:

What’s the Best Backpage Alternative?

Bedpage is the best Backpage alternative. Not only does it sound kinda like Backpage, but it looks and works the same way. An added bonus is the fact that many escorts from Backpage also switched to Bedpage when the legendary site got shut down.

What Is a Good Alternative to Craigslist?

FreeAdsTime is a good alternative to Craigslist—you can buy and sell just about anything there. There’s also a vibrant personals section. If you’re more interested in personal ads and escorts, you can also go to DoubleList.

Is Escorting Illegal in The US?

Escorting is not illegal in the US. Providing escort services is legal in the US, while prostitution is illegal in most U.S. states. So, escorting is legal so long as the escort isn’t charging you for sexual intercourse but for the company and time spent.

What’s the Difference Between Escorting and Prostitution?

The difference between escorting and prostitution is that prostitutes charge for sex, while escorts charge for company. Sex between an escort and her client, therefore, can only happen during her private part.

While escorting is legal, prostitution is NOT.

Learn more about the difference between escorting and prostitution and what it means for escorts and their clients on a practical level.

Have Fun With EscortBabylon Alternatives

There you have it—the best EscortBabylon alternatives out there. We carefully vetted these sites so you don’t have to and so you can just head there and have a good time.

AdultFriendFinder is your best bet as there are plenty of escorts on it, but you can also easily find horny girls for some wild nights without spending a dime.

The same goes for Ashley Madison, with an added bonus of bullet-proof discretion.

All the sites on our list at least have some form of a free version, so you can visit or register yourself and check out the options in your area. That way, you can see which one works best for you or even combine more of them.

Either way, we wish you happy hunting!

Disclaimer: The sites on this list are for finding escorts to accompany you in a private or public setting to events. Escorts are not allowed to offer sexual services. Moreover, they cannot engage in sexual activities with their customers for money. If caught, both the worker and client can be legally prosecuted. Do not use these sites in the hopes for paying for sex unless you check your local laws and are located in a legal region on this map such as Nevada, the Netherlands or Germany.

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