.Best Backpage Alternatives and Replacements For Hookups, Classifieds & More

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The government shutting down Backpage was a terrible blow to the retro 2000s version of the internet that many of us knew and loved. However, it did open the floodgates for a bunch of the best Backpage alternatives online.

The 10 Backpage Replacement Sites below are active in 2022 and are designed to replace the casual hookups and casual sex vibe that Backpage was so well-known for … hopefully without the parts that got it shut down!

So yes, you can use these other sites to check out free classified advertisements and even post ads for yourself. Today, however, we’re focusing on the adult dating and hookups side of things.

You might call these websites … the sexy Backpage alternatives?

Top 10 Sites Like Backpage in 2022

Our top picks for dating and casual encounters, from mobile apps to Backpage alternative sites. Many let you post free classified advertisements for yourself, while others just show you results like Backpage classified ads.

1. Adult Friend Finder – Best Backpage Alternative Site Overall

adult friend finder, best backpage alternatives

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is that you can start with a basic account completely free of charge. If you’re looking for a website full of horny 30+ singles (and swingers!) to fill the void of Backpage or Craigslist Personals, AFF is probably it.

It’s a very sex-positive website!

And if you happen to experience trouble starting convos, there are plenty of great icebreakers that help you to get the conversational ball rolling. On top of that, there are live cams, erotic stories, sexy chat rooms, and more. 

If you’re concerned about your online security, you don’t need to worry about exposing your private information on AFF. Adult Friend Finder has several security features that help safeguard user data.

What’s more, users generally play well with real pics on their posts and message you quickly and naturally. It’s not surprising to find a partner who wants to hook up for free or is willing to offer to hook up on the first date free of charge. 

Open-minded? Check. LGBTQ+-friendly? Check. One of the best Backpage alternative websites? You better believe it.


  • Meetups with people from diverse cultures
  • Live webcam action, NSFW photo albums & videos
  • Intimate dealings with a very low chance of getting ripped off
  • A “sex university” with tons of educational content, extraordinary magazines, cool groups & forums
  • Affordable membership plans


  • Inactive profiles
  • Minor risk of catfishing
  • Requires Gold membership for essential features like messages and likes

2. Seeking – Best Backpage Alternative for Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies

seeking.com, best backpage alternatives

If you are looking for a specialized sugar dating site, Seeking is a haven for successful people (sugar daddies and sugar mommas) looking for sugar babies. It’s a unique dating platform where the sugar baby phenomenon sees a stunning revitalization.

Countless would-be sugar daddies would give anything to spoil a younger woman with an expensive dinner or shopping. Being one of the most regularly visited sites in the industry and boasting a generally stellar reputation, you’ll likely find your match here.

The site includes mature wealthy men and ladies looking to meet younger female and male sugar babies. Whichever side of the Sugar Dating situation you fall on, Seeking is a brilliant Backpage alternative for sure.

Women actually join for free!

At Seeking, you can select from various options depending on your preferences, and the profiles are highly informative. As such, it’s effortless to find someone who resonates with you. You can even filter by Net Worth if you’re looking for someone who’s RICH.

In case you find it hard to meet someone after the first couple of days, you can simply adjust your profile accordingly. You could also mention your body type, age, education, hair color, and drug habits, among other things, to help improve your chances.


  • High-class people from 139+ countries
  • Top-notch security for your convenience and privacy
  • Instant messaging for seamless trysts
  • Judgment-free environment for sugar dating


  • Profiles get deleted for unclear reasons
  • Splenda daddies can infiltrate it sometimes

3. Ashley Madison – Hookups for Married People

ashley madison, best backpage alternatives

Ashley Madison is unlike any other dating or adult platform whatsoever, especially if your spouse is giving you a headache. If you’re married and are merely a curious explorer looking for a new experience, this site should be at the very top of your list.

We can’t help but praise Ashley Madison for the remarkable work they put into concealing your identity. Married people can seamlessly use digital mask filters over their faces so nobody, including their spouses, uncovers their private rendezvous. 


Backpage had significant weaknesses in curbing romance scammers who take on fake identities in their dark swindling schemes. On the other hand, this Backpage alternative overflows with glamorous women and handsome men with real money and sex appeal. 

To crown it all, Ashley Madison lets women join for free, helping to grow the number of female users over time. While AM may not look like Backpage and Craigslist Personals did, this hookup site can definitely fill the void left behind by Backpage … pun intended.


  • Hide your identity with digital mask filters
  • Guaranteed trust from worldwide dating profiles since 2001
  • Mix of marrieds, singles, couples, swingers
  • Easy to use if you’re not tech-savvy


  • Only women can use the platform for free
  • Bots & data breaches in the past

4. Euro Girls Escort – Best Professional Escort Services (Non-US)

euro girls escort, best backpage alternatives

The first time you visit Euro Girls Escort, you’ll find personal ads and escorts from nearly every corner of the globe, save for the U.S. Even in Moscow and Nairobi, you’ll get just the sexiest independent or agency workers alike.

Here’s another amazing detail about this forum — the classified ads give you great detail, unlike traditional sites like Backpage. 

As for the contact information, it is easy to find because EU Girls Escort cares that you get instant connection upon clicking on direct message icons. 

You’ll also easily see multiple categories for attributes like hair color, age, and nationality. You may also select your preferred busts type and figure out if someone is a smoker or not. 

Overall, EU Girls Escort is user-friendly with an interactive design, flexible features, and customizable Filters.


  • Outstanding profile details save you time digging deeper
  • Direct contact information guarantees swift engagements
  • VIP girls worldwide
  • Straightforward women who respect business


  • No posts from U.S. escorts
  • Overwhelming posts & profiles if you don’t apply filters

5. Tinder – Most Popular Dating & Hookup App

tinder, best backpage alternatives

We couldn’t write this Backpage alternatives guide without mentioning the king of hookup apps, Tinder … the most popular dating platform accessible via mobile app. With Tinder, you could get casual sex sooner than you may believe. 

What’s more, it’s free. 

You can easily browse through potential partners in your local area, swiping left and right to your heart’s content. Tinder has an extensive user base filled with regular people looking for hookups, as well as escorts who will send you private messages on their rates.

Assuming you’re not so familiar with this reliable platform, there’s that classic swiping action on your smartphone screen to accept or turn down someone based on their profile. You simply swipe right to like them and potentially hook up, or you swipe left to start seeking another match on a clean slate.

You can only talk to mutual matches (people who swiped right on you too), so there isn’t too much awkwardness.


  • No hefty signup fees
  • Incredibly large pool of users, especially young people
  • Numerous escorts if you prefer no-strings-attached
  • Paid upgrades available


  • Superficial by design
  • Free profiles are limited and upgrades are encouraged
  • Fake profiles could get you ripped off

6. Slixa – Outstanding Backpage Alternative for the VIP Experience

slixa, best backpage alternatives

Some Backpage alternatives can get messy and crooked, but not Slixa. They have stringent policies against sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and other nasty means of getting the job done. Slixa’s escort directory covers Australia, the U.S., Canada, and the UK.

Slixa offers a reputation that’s hard to replicate if you’re looking for a VIP experience and premium services online. The site runs replete with classified ads for gorgeous women who’ll leave you craving more. There are no pimp games here. 

You’ll likely find a sleek experience with Slixa, as top magazines like Forbes and Business Insider have featured it. What’s more, you’ll easily land expert masseuses and professional female escorts.

When it comes to privacy, Slixa does a commendable job. One of the features gives you an option to hide nudity if you’re a member. There are also filters for personal attributes like ethnicity, hair color, body type, and age, among others. 


  • Escorts from diverse backgrounds
  • Direct contact details of escorts
  • Professional classified ads for easy posts
  • High-class clients; narrow risks of Splenda daddies


  • Unclear benefits of becoming VIP
  • Pithy information on escorts

7. Escort Directory – Closest Resemblance to the Backpage Website

escort directory, best backpage alternatives

Escort Directory is a top escort site that’s extremely similar to Backpage. While it’s a classified ads directory, you may not get those distinct parts about non-sensual services. It’s a place to post ads for adult services.

Introductory profiles will show you the names, location, age, and even an airplane icon so you can arrange for travel. The site is LGBTQ+ friendly. To crown it all, there’s a currency selector, so you don’t have to worry about exchange rates. 

Providers at Escort Directory offer classic massages and memorable tours besides getting dirty in BDSM activities. You won’t just hit it and leave — you’ll leave knowing it was worth it and can review your provider. 

You can search the personal ads by names and phone numbers if you want a rematch — what more can you ask for from a Backpage alternative website?


  • Appealing natural photos
  • Provider location guarantees easy access
  • Unhidden contact details
  • Porn stars for a VIP experience


  • Some women may not be real escorts
  • Certain providers are extremely discreet

8. Erotic Monkey — Best Backpage Replacement for Personal Ads

erotic monkey, best backpage alternatives

With Erotic Monkey, you may never spank the monkey again. Real escorts offer unmatched classified ads and tell you clearly what they want. If you’re looking for Backpage replacement websites, EM is as straightforward as it gets.

Heck, you can even figure out the bust sizes, incall, and outcall rates. What a treat! The only thing we may frown about is that Erotic Monkey primarily focuses on the U.S. Still, if you’re reading this from the U.S. … you’re in luck!

On top of all of this, if you prefer to browse safely, then you can filter out erotic images too! I mean, we’re not sure why you would do that … but it’s an option.


  • Detailed profiles
  • Access to sexy, young adults
  • Direct contact information
  • Reviews give a better gist of providers


  • Very few information updates

9. Switter – Twitter For Sex Workers

switter, best backpage alternatives

Remove that T on Twitter and replace it with an S then you’ll probably get the whole gist of Switter. Yes, it’s a more sensual version of Twitter. You can follow escort and sex worker updates on their social media profiles.  

While these escorts have large followings, they mostly entertain guys in big cities. If you prefer online services, you can get live webcam shows, pictures, and videos guaranteed.

With similar features and functionalities as Twitter, you can follow, like, and retweet your favorite sex workers … which is odd but kind of wholesome and nice.

However, we have a low opinion of some users on this site because they share pics as they would on Instagram without posting classified ads. No escort stuff can be a turnoff and makes this Backpage replacement feel pointless sometimes.


  • Fetish-specific models are available
  • Promotions allowed
  • You can opt-in for regular updates through a follow button
  • Entertainment from popular workers


  • The site may be a bit complex to use
  • Few escorts for U.S. clients

10. Reddit Dirty R4R – Backpage Type Of Website with Free Classified Ads

reddit dirty r4r, best backpage alternatives

Reddit Dirty R4R is better than free classified sites because you can get casual sex without hectic processes. You only have to download the app and there you go — describe your interests briefly and wait.  

It takes no time before you start a productive convo with like-minded individuals. And if you follow the posting rules, you’ll likely avoid getting blocked and secure a trusted membership.

One thing I love about Reddit is that you don’t need to provide too much personal information to get laid. No posts, no crafted bios, nothing. You also don’t have to worry about parting with a few bucks.


  • Free access
  • Countless daily interactions and hits
  • No membership prerequisites


  • Hard to stand out
  • Limited users in your local area

Safety Tips for Using a Backpage Alternative Site

You shouldn’t get too reckless when you secure your date and meet for the first time. Here are a few tips to stay safe on these backpage alternatives:

1. Only meet in a secure public place at first (for your own safety)

Backpage and Craigslist were the Wild West of the internet, and many of these sites like Backpage are no different. 

There are plenty of crazy and/or dodgy people on the internet, so be careful and meet someone in public before going somewhere more … private.

2. Never give personal details like full names, addresses, & bank details

There are some small details that an escort needs to know, and there are some details that you need to keep to yourself.

Don’t reveal your name, where you live, or your bank details to anyone of these websites. Pay in cash and use an alias where possible.

3. Arrange for a video call, so you see whether the person in the profile exists

This is just common sense. You can’t get catfished if you speak to the other person on live video call and they are who they say they are. They could still be dodgy, so be careful, but it greatly reduces the risk for sure.

This video calling also helps to remove tension and lets you know what you’re getting into.

4. Be upfront about your desires and intentions before any fun begins

Make sure your partner likes the same activities as you, and obtain consent before making a move.

This keeps you both on the same page and usually makes for a more fun sexual experience all around. Escorts are professionals who should respect your boundaries and preferences.

5. Bring protection, and always use it.

STDs and babies are something that you probably don’t want from a Backpage alternative site. Use protection so you don’t end up regretting your eventful night!

FAQs for Backpage Alternatives

Reading about these Backpage alternatives gives you a lot of information at once. If you have more questions, here are some quick answers.

Where Can I Find Free Classified Advertisements?

Escort Directory is the classified site that’s closest to Backpage in its design. You’ll have plenty of personal ads to scroll through, and all of them offer adult services. You can also find free classified ads on Erotic Monkey and Reddit Dirty R4R.

While it’s not exactly a free classified site, Adult Friend Finder has a free version and it delivers great results. You have to make a profile to use it, but you can keep your personal information hidden for privacy.

Are Hookup Sites Dangerous?

Hookup sites may be dangerous, especially if they have no guarantee for policies against sex trafficking, romance scams, and sex offenses. Read each site’s guidelines before you sign up or interact with any of the ads.

Beyond keeping yourself safe by adhering to the site’s terms of use, you also need to stay safe when you meet up. It’s always best to ensure the other person is real before you make plans with them.

Face-time or video call your partner beforehand if possible! If they refuse to answer or show their face, it may be a huge red flag.

Are Backpage Alternatives Legal?

Two people can choose to have their good time as they choose. However, U.S. law prohibits solicitation and manipulation in any form. 

Online adult advertising is different from going to strip clubs, but you’ll want to play it safe for both options. Keep your privacy and valuables safe at all times to prevent drama or legal troubles.

Final Verdict — Which Backpage Replacement Site is Best?

Adult Friend Finder tops any other Backpage replacement, hands down. No other site beats it in terms of a solid reputation with live cams, anti-trafficking policies, a large horny user base, natural conversations, and open-minded swingers.

Whether you want an escort or a simple hookup partner — AFF won’t disappoint

Whatever Backpage offered, you’ll find it in the platforms listed here. While there may be no full way to replace Backpage and the experience that it offered at the time, these modern websites are a great way to look for sex, escorts, or just casual hookups in 2022 and beyond.

No matter what you use these Backpage-like webpages for, I hope you find what you’re looking for!

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