.Seeking Arrangements Reviews—A Closer Look at Seeking.com for Dating (2024)

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Formerly known as Seeking Arrangements, Seeking.com has changed its name, but it isn’t new on the scene—this adult dating site has been around since 2006. Over the past 17 years, it has shifted its primary focus to promoting lasting, genuine relationships.

Without skimping on the luxury, of course. 

Even if you’re not a multimillion dollar mogul with the financial capabilities to spoil your new partner, Seeking welcomes driven individuals and passionate online daters with open arms. 

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Still, there’s plenty of competition on the Internet, so coming to the “regular dating” party is a bit courageous, don’t you think?

Anyway, in this Seeking review, I’ll be answering the age-old question once and for all. 

Is Seeking.com worth your time and energy in 2024, or does it fall flat with empty promises? 

First Thoughts on Seeking Arrangements

Seeking.com Pros 

  • Boasts 40-plus million members in 130-plus countries 
  • Focuses on luxury dating and lifestyle
  • Background check verification
  • Intuitive search filters to find perfect matches
  • Add spicy, private photo albums
  • Offers two subscription tiers

Seeking.com Cons 

  • No “swipe-to-match” functionality—it’s very old-school!
  • Not many “free” features for penny-pinchers to enjoy 
  • Let’s be honest: A premium subscription can get pricey

Seeking Arrangements Promotions/Giveaways

Would I Recommend This Dating Site?

Given Seeking’s storied history and age-old reputation, I’d highly recommend this dating site for mature audiences only. 

If you’re Gen Z, you might struggle to find a suitable partner when so many 25- to 40-year-old people are pining for one another. 

At the same time, Seeking is not a sugar dating site. 

While its predecessor Seeking Arrangements unashamedly gave sugar babies and daddies virtual asylum, Seeking has rebranded its platform to cater towards adventurous and exciting people—full-stop.

One thing’s certain, though. 

It’s a real-deal adult dating site that cares about your safety, security and overall experience. Many online dating sites don’t give you the ability to submit to a background check, but Seeking makes it laughably easy to avoid catfishers

If you’re a driven, successful professional seeking a partner who brings excitement, joy and peace from your daily stressors, you’re among 40-plus million like-minded people at Seeking. 

Seeking Review—My Adventure With Seeking

In my experience, most Seeking reviews don’t go beyond the basics. 

Instead, they copy easily available information from Google and competing sites. My professors always told me to be the change I wanted to see in the world, so I decided to explore Seeking and offer a POV account. 

In this section of my Seeking review, I’ll take you through the entire sign-up process (and my experience with finding compatible matches) firsthand. 

Let’s dive into the action, shall we?

Signing Up on Seeking

To start off my Seeking review, I had to go through its sign-up process and create my dating profile. So, I used this link to navigate to the homepage and clicked “Start Dating Up.” 

gender identity seeking.com luxury online dating site

Then, I selected my chosen gender and specified the gender(s) I was looking to meet on Seeking. 

your interests male female seeking.com luxury online dating site

After that, I was given a choice—I had to decide whether I was looking for successful or attractive members on their site. 

personal preferences seeking.com luxury online dating site

This is a unique feature, and I felt as though I was off to a good start already.

Men don’t get pampered often enough, so I decided to go undercover as an “attractive” member. I’m a 7/10 with a new haircut and shave, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try my luck!

Before I was granted access into Seekings’ library of singles, I had to create my new account. You can sign up for free, which is a good omen for Seeking.com. After entering my email, password and birthday, I had to certify that I wasn’t a robot. 

Then, I clicked “Continue.”

Rather not enter your personal data into Seeking.com?

Sign up for a free account using Facebook instead.

Once I’d finalized my registration here, it was time for me to fill out my dating profile. I first chose a username that reflected my interests without hinting at my true name. Then, I picked a halfway-decent photo from my Facebook profile and said a Hail Mary!

username, seeking.com luxury online dating site

If you don’t have any concerns about privacy or anonymity, you can choose to enable push notifications from Seeking. Every time you receive a new message or important alert, you’ll see a pop-up tab in your web browser. 

This is an especially great feature for multitaskers like myself!

Now, I was forced to dive into the nitty-gritty. I disclosed my location, height, body type, ethnicity, educational background, relationship status (my wife is fantastic), my smoking/drinking preferences and whether or not I had any children (they’re both gems). 

OK—here’s where the real work came in. 

In order to proceed, I had to determine what I was seeking from Seeking.

Did I want to find a true connection? Was I looking for a short-term fling with no strings attached? Would I prefer to keep my indiscretions hidden from my loving wife? Of course, the answers to all these questions will vary according to your personal situation. 

Still, Seeking.com gives you the ability to customize your dating experience how you see fit.

user traits seeking.com luxury online dating site

Once finished, I filled out a short bio containing my interests, disclosed a few of my “SFW” hobbies and mentioned exactly what I wanted to find on Seeking.com. 

Finally, it was time to add the finishing touches to my Seeking profile.

Here, I crafted a unique catchy headline that gave other singles a good first impression. I also took the liberty of disclosing more information about myself and what I wanted from my online dating experience at Seeking.

Click here to visit Seeking now

Next, it was time to verify my email address. 

If you don’t see an email pop up in your primary inbox, be sure to check your “spam” or “promotions” folder. Should the worst come to worst, click on “Resend Your Verification Email” for a fresh start. 

I clicked on “Show Me Successful Members,” thinking I was finally about to get some action. 

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Reaching the Seeking.com “Membership Wall” 

In no uncertain terms, Seeking.com said, “Not so fast.”

Before I could see any of the members on Seeking, I was forced to decide whether upgrading now would be a good move on my part. Given just how many premium features you’ll unlock with either of the two monthly subscriptions, I chose to bite the bullet. 

premium subscription seeking.com luxury online dating site

Thankfully, Seeking.com didn’t change its pricing structure when it rebranded Seeking Arrangements for a wider audience of online daters. With the knowledge and wisdom that good things take time, I opted for the 90-day Premium Subscription. 

This set me back $45 upfront, which works out to $15 per month

Not bad for a well-respected adult dating site with 40-plus million active members and counting!

Before I got to enjoy Seeking.com’s premium features, I had to enter my payment information with the site. I know this might feel a bit iffy, especially for adventurous married singles with joint financial statements. 

Please, do yourself a favor and purchase a VISA gift card at the store. 

Seeking.com accepts all major debit cards and credit cards. You can use VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover or Diners Club International to purchase the Premium membership.

As we’d expect from a dating site with best-in-class security and privacy features, Seeking keeps your bank statement clean as a whistle. Rather than “Seeking,” only the innocuous company name appears on your financials at the end of each month. 

Plus, you can send Seeking an email around the clock if you have any questions. 

Once I clicked that bright, red button in the center of my screen, I knew I was home free. 

The Community Vibe at Seeking 

All right—I’m in

As I expected, the community “vibe” at Seeking.com consisted of many lovely ladies and distinguished gentlemen

From what I could see, each person I interacted with didn’t have time for games. Straightforward profiles (full of bombshells and hunks) await new members at Seeking. 

dating profiles seeking.com luxury online dating site
dating profiles seeking.com luxury online dating site

Like I said—lots and lots of awesome profiles to choose from. I couldn’t make a decision straight away, so I decided to explore my options and see just what else Seeking.com had in store for a brand-new member like me. 

An Inclusive and Diverse Seeking Experience

From older men, women and LGBTQ-plus folk to younger princess types and self-proclaimed pretty boys, there’s no cookie-cutter profile selection at Seeking. 

True to its latest rebrand, Seeking caters to people of all ages who come from all walks of life. 

I mean, let’s be honest—you’ll have 40-plus million profiles to choose from. I’d be severely disappointed if they all resembled the same type of person. 

dating profiles seeking.com luxury online dating site

Polyamorous individuals can also reserve their spot at Seeking. There’s really nothing you won’t find here, contrary to its stereotype as the sort of dating site that attracts traditional men and younger women.  

All said, I knew I was in for a good time!

Finding Matches and Reaching Out on Seeking

For the sake of this Seeking review, it was time to man up and gather my wits, because I had to introduce myself to other members at Seeking. 

First, I utilized its advanced search filters to get ahead of the eight ball. I knew exactly what I was looking for, and Seeking made it easy for me to narrow down my options!

Of course, its basic features allowed me to search by location and membership status. 

A neat feature of Seeking.com is its dedication to safety—I’d highly recommend clicking on “ID Verified” right now to interact exclusively with background-checked profiles and individuals. 

Beyond the surface, there are countless search options available. 

You can find your ideal partner based on their body type, age, ethnicity, height, hair color and other physical attributes. Educational background, relationship status, children (or lack thereof), languages spoken and net worth are just a handful of categories that you can sift through. 

Additionally, you can state your relationship preferences with no words required. Seeking.com users who don’t smoke or drink can find like-minded companionship, too! 

As for me, I got into the nitty-gritty and sorted my matches based on their annual income. I was looking for a millionaire bombshell with voluptuous features and a driven attitude. 

That doesn’t sound like too much to ask, right? 

In all seriousness, I was able to find compatible matches very quickly. Seeking uses a grid-style layout that gives you full customization over your dating experience—while it might benefit from a “swipe-to-match” format, this approach feels much more intimate. 

After you click on a profile picture, you’ll see a quick snapshot of everything your potential partner is looking for. This was great for me, because I hate playing mind games when it comes to dating and relationships. 

profile page on seeking.com luxury online dating site

I didn’t have the bravado to request a sneak peek at this user’s private album, but I had more than enough confidence at the ready to send them a message

Sue me, I’m not very creative. 

I was able to come up with a number of compelling introductory messages after the fact, and I took an hour or three to message 45 different people on Seeking. I found that I had the most success when I was being myself and telling interesting jokes to break the ice. 

If you’re witty, be witty. If you’re charming, be charming. 

Just don’t beg for nudes or dive in with both feet before you get to know the people you’re speaking to. If you’re a halfway decent conversationalist with a handful of interesting hobbies, you won’t have any problems at Seeking!

Of the 45 women I messaged, I got real responses from 10 people. This is a pretty decent ratio, especially when you consider just how many men are pining over the same women at Seeking. 

Who knows, maybe I’m just a good catch. At least grandma says so …

Anyway, here’s one thing I will say. 

If you’re not a skilled typist, it can feel a bit tedious to click on every profile imaginable and send out a detailed introduction message. Don’t be afraid to take a break and come back when you’re feeling fresh. 

No matter who you are and what you’re looking for, be sure to bring your charisma to the table. 

Here’s What Free Account Users Get on Seeking

Unsurprisingly, many Seeking reviews encourage you to pay for its platform in order to guarantee the best possible dating experience. 

Although I’m not a big fan of needlessly spending money, Seeking.com genuinely works better when you spring for a monthly subscription. 

Please, trust me on this one. 

As a free user of Seeking.com, you can make an account and fill out your dating profile. You can upload as many photos to your own profile as you’d like. And to a limited extent, you can also get a taste of the people awaiting your first debit card transaction. 

If you’d rather learn more about Seeking before purchasing a monthly subscription, its free, informative blog will come in handy. 

From topics like the prevalence of selfish dating and important privacy practices to common dating turn-offs and New Year’s resolutions, there’s plenty of interesting reading material to keep you occupied at Seeking.com. 

blog articles on seeking.com luxury online dating site

Still, let me reiterate—unless you’re paying for the privilege, it’ll be awfully hard for you to match with compatible partners here. Unfortunately, all those other Seeking reviews were spot-on. 

Are Seeking’s Premium Features Worth It?

In a nutshell, yes—Seeking’s premium features are worth every penny. 

I sprung for the 90-day subscription, which set me back for a grand total of $45—that works out to $15 per month. However, if you’d rather take things slow and play it by ear, you can subscribe on a 30-day recurring basis for $19.99/month. 

Either way, it’s really not expensive to use Seeking anymore

Prior to the rebrand, outdated Seeking reviews would fixate on the ludicrous pricing of the site—it wasn’t uncommon for sugar daddies to fork over $250 per month in their hunt for a compatible partner. 

Thankfully, Seeking.com switched its focus to adult dating as a general niche. 

The end result? 

A much more affordable subscription pricing system that comes with everything included.

Premium Seeking members will enjoy free access to one-on-one video chats, which makes it easy to verify that your person is really your person. Additionally, unlimited messaging comes part and parcel! 

Occasional profile boosts, a dedicated Premium badge and zero advertisements further enhance your online dating experience. 

For the price of something blasé like Tinder or Bumble, you’ll enjoy immediate access to 40-plus million users with an express goal in mind. 

How Does Seeking Compare to Other Dating Sites?

When it comes to name-brand dating sites, Seeking isn’t the only shark in the water. 

Their fiercest competitors include AdultFriendFinder and Ashley Madison—like Seeking, both of these dating sites launched over a decade ago and boast millions of active users. 

AdultFriendFinder vs. Seeking

AdultFriendFinder is the world’s oldest (and largest) adult dating site. While it came from humble beginnings in 1996, it caters to upwards of 80 million users in 120-plus countries

It has proudly taken on a “one-size-fits-all” approach to online dating. 

Whether you’re looking for a short-term fling, a fetish-friendly play partner or something that lasts, it has Seeking whipped in the user variety department.

However, AFF’s lack of a general focus is something of a double-edged sword. 

Seeking is designed for singles with high standards, and AFF is not. On the bright side, it is a bit cheaper than Seeking. It clocks in at $15 per month for a “Gold” tier, all-access membership. 

Ashley Madison vs. Seeking

The “safe haven” for adulterers since 2001, it underwent a serious data breach in 2015. This sparked a complete rebranding, now catering towards swingers and unicorns

Its double-ended pricing system forces scammers and catfishers to hunt for easier targets, and it’s easy to ID-verify your account with a simple email to AM’s staff team. 

Ashley Madison prices its platform at a premium. Every member has to pay $29.99 per month so it retains access to the site, but sending and receiving messages also comes with a price tag. 

It will cost you five credits every time you send or receive a message, which can get very expensive. You can purchase credits in bulk, which should save you quite a bit of cash in the long run. 

Both Ashley Madison and AdultFriendFinder list free NSFW live cams, but Seeking is designed as a classic dating site. My honest opinion? 

Whatever floats your boat, really! 

FAQs About Seeking.com for Luxury Dating

Is Seeking safe?

Yes, Seeking is safe. This legitimate luxury dating site not only provides the highest quality end-to-end encryption on its data, but also state-of-the-art privacy settings for safe browsing.

Can I Use Seeking for Free?

Yes, you can use Seeking for free but to a limited extent. You can create a profile, filter and browse potential partners and request to see private photos. To send messages, you need to purchase a premium membership.

Does Seeking Arrangements Have a Smartphone App?

Yes, SeekingArrangements has a downloadable app available for iOS and Android, on its website.

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Final Thoughts on Seeking for Wealthy Dating in 2024

Is Seeking legit or is it just a scam?

I can only speak from my personal experience, but I enjoyed very reasonable success rates with an affordable price tag after taking my leap of faith with Seeking. 

If you’re driven, adventurous and passionate about finding the perfect match; Seeking has your name written all over it.

Click here to signup on Seeking.com now

Other Seeking Arrangements reviews might classify it as a sugar dating site, but they’ve clearly missed the memo. 

Don’t settle for just anybody—elevate your dating standards today

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