.My Unfiltered Experience With AdultFriendFinder—Is AdultFriendFinder Legit? (2022 Review)

Tell-All Encounter With This Adult Chat and Dating Site

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Let’s get down to business: If committed relationships aren’t your style, you’re invisible on Tinder and you’re tired of visiting your local massage parlor, chances are high you’re curious about AdultFriendFinder.

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It makes lavish promises of access to a sea of eager adults looking to hop in bed with you right now. A step beyond that, and you’ll also find live cams, forums, toys and more.

Consider AdultFriendFinder a superstore of sorts.

Upon realizing that, my endless curiosity got the best of me and enticed me to check it out. A few months have passed, and now I’m here to recount my unfiltered experience to answer the age-old question: Is AdultFriendFinder legit?

My First Thoughts About AdultFriendFinder 


  • 80-plus million active AdultFriendFinder users worldwide
  • Yes, you can actually get laid here
  • Caters to non-binary users, LGBTQ+ folk and fetishists
  • Escorts are significantly pricier than a Gold Membership 
  • Verified members make it easy to avoid getting scammed 
  • Create a free account with no commitment 
  • Enjoy discreet mobile access through its website 


  • AFF is very limited until you pay
  • Plenty of fake profiles and bots to avoid 

AFF’s Promotions and Giveaways 

  • Gold members pay as little as $14.95 per month 

Brutally Honest Bottom Line

Yes, AdultFriendFinder is near worthless, unless you pay for it. Even still, its paid subscription boasts fairly affordable pricing.

It’s 100% worth the measly $15 out-of-pocket.

For a platform that touts itself as the “world’s largest sex site,” I’m inclined to take AdultFriendFinder at its word. I live in a fairly small town, and I was flabbergasted with my local options.

I dodged and weaved through plenty of scammers, who are pathetically easy to spot. The constant stream of unsolicited dick pics gets annoying, but I chalk it up to the cost of meeting local singles in my area.

I took potshots at 400 to 500 women with the same copy-and-paste intro message, and I got legit responses from 10 of them. I was able to get six of those responders to meet up.

If you’re O.K. with lowering your standards a bit, AFF has a pretty reasonable success rate. 

My Personal Experience With AdultFriendFinder 

Creating My Free Account 

Around four months ago, I joined the “free version” of AdultFriendFinder. The sign-up process here is fairly simple—I selected my gender, my preferred gender and my birthday. I also live in the United States, so I didn’t have to screw with its drop-down menu. 

Next, I punched in my zip code and clicked “Register Now.”

Then, I typed in my old email address and chose the username “JohnDoe1232121” in hopes of keeping my true identity anonymous. 

After that, I answered some basic physical appearance questions before selecting my preferred sexual orientation, current marital status and ethnicity. You don’t have to answer any of these questions, but you’ll have a hard time finding casual sex without a detailed online dating profile.

Fair warning: Each of these account creation pages features a not safe for work (NSFW) video preview out to the side. So, hey, don’t sign up in public because it is NOT discreet.

adultfriendfinder profile information

I was then prompted to fill out my dating profile. I stated my sexual preference, listed a few of my most embarrassing kinks and gave potential partners the rundown on what I’m looking for. 

Finally, I verified my email address—be sure to check your spam folder to find AFF’s message. This completed the registration process (or so I thought). 

Hesitantly Purchasing the “Gold” Membership 

I got to this screen, which shows all the closest, active and paid members in your area.

adultfriendfinder who's online

As you might expect, I clicked on a profile and was immediately prompted to pay for a premium membership. Reluctantly, I realized that I’d get nowhere being stingy. 

By this point, I’d already invested time and effort into creating my free account, and I figured I’d give the paid version of AFF a fighting chance before writing it off as a scam.

adultfriendfinder membership tier prices

I chose to give AFF my credit card information, just in case I needed to claim a “chargeback” for a “fraudulent” transaction. That said, you can use your checking account or one of those prepaid debit cards if you’d rather hide your online escapades from whomever.

adultfriendfinder payment options

For what it’s worth, women can receive and respond to messages as a “free member.” 

We guys are stuck paying for the privilege. I chose the yearlong plan, and off I went to mingle with other paying members!

Of course, if you want to cancel this dating service, its customer support team won’t give you a hassle. You can send the company an actual letter, chat with an agent using the “Live Help” sidebar, leave AFF a detailed comment or call AFF over the phone. 

Representatives work 24/7 to solve problems and respond to inquiries.

adultfriendfinder contact form

Breaking Social Barriers With Local Singles

I wanted to make the most of my paid membership, so I figured I’d start by drafting a vague introduction message that I could tweak and send to a bunch of women. 

Like most online dating sites, each woman’s attention is stretched thin on AFF. Every woman you chat with is getting 50 to 100 messages from other horny guys every day. 

I knew I’d have to stand out, so I tried to be witty and comedic without being vulgar. 

Because I have a social life, job and responsibilities, I couldn’t get sucked into the vortex of sending endless messages to every woman I saw. I made it a point to message four or five women each day, and I’ve reached out to 500 people so far. 

As you might expect from any adult dating site, you won’t get a reply from every woman you text. 

However, I was pleased and surprised with the number of eager responses I received. 10 women got back to me within a day or two, and I was able to coax six women into sleeping with me over the course of a month. 

No, the women aren’t supermodels, but if that’s what you’re looking for, the top sugar dating sites are a better bet. Then again, if you’re using AFF to get laid, neither are you a supermodel. 

Your mileage may vary, but I’d say that AdultFriendFinder has a fairly reasonable success rate. Using traditional dating sites, I was lucky to receive the time of day, let alone a wild night!

Available Dating Site Categories—Who Did I Find?

It’s 2022—not every Gold member is here to find a woman for the night. 

Luckily, AdultFriendFinder has different strokes for different folks. Its hookup site thoroughly caters to members of the LGBTQ+ community, non-gender-conforming folks and kinksters of all kinds. 

It’s very popular within the swinger community, and couples looking to swap wives (or husbands) appear to be spoiled for choice.

adultfriendfinder advanced search

I decided to look through the “Advanced Search” section, which gave me tons of leeway to find the perfect match. You can sort by age range, distance, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender and more.

When you pay for an AdultFriendFinder subscription, you unlock access to a world of BDSM-friendly depravity and enjoyment. Pay pigs, public lovers and masochists can use the AFF “Kink Search” to explore the depths of their imagination with like-minded people.

adultfriendfinder kink search

If you’re here to enjoy authentic sexual self-expression and unleash your wild side, you’ll likely find some willing participants. You can even take a quick purity test to narrow down your options before clicking on a member’s profile. 

Fulfilling My Fantasies With Just a Few Clicks 

AdultFriendFinder networks with a massive user base, and paid members looking for cyber sex are welcomed with open arms. In my experience, it’s like going to the strip club without paying the entry fee or being forced to keep it in your pants. 

AdultFriendFinder’s live model and live member webcams are available to everybody (yes, even those with a free membership). That said, you can’t interact with cammers unless you’re a Gold member.

adultfriendfinder live member webcams

In my personal experience, AdultFriendFinder is the only dating website that doubles as a bonafide cam site. I watch live streams every day, and you’re only encouraged to tip if you’re trying to run the show from afar. 

You can sort by category to find men, women, trans folk and couples getting steamy for the camera. With 80+ million members and counting, you’d better believe that a few hundred people are streaming their private bits at any given moment.

I wanted to see more from its “Community” tab, so I clicked on “Photo Contests.” I was greeted by the first-, second- and third-place winners of the “Summer Beach Bod” event.

adultfriendfinder contest winners

Apparently, AdultFriendFinder even has a sex academy—it’s a tad boring, but good for inexperienced members. The course is 100% free to Gold members, and I wanted to check it out before telling you to do the same. 

Basically, you learn about sexual terms, positions, kinks and sweet spots that can give you a leg up in the bedroom! Once you “graduate,” you can display that sweet certification on your profile to let other members know you mean business. 

If you’re a sucker for the written word, AFF’s adult chat rooms might be up your alley. 

You can use these adult chat groups to work on your game with no real consequences, or you can use them as a helpful tool to meet local members in your state. 

These chat rooms are available across the globe, so there’s plenty of cyber nookie on the horizon for just about anyone.

adultfriendfinder chat rooms

Long story short—even if you don’t feel like trying to get laid in person, AFF’s frequent on-site activity is sure to spice up your next stretch of alone time. 

Combing Through AFF’s Magazine amd Sexy Forums 

Aside from AFF’s dating services, there’s plenty of free content to enjoy for new users. I’m a pretty avid reader, so I decided to see if the AFF virtual magazine was worth my energy.

adultfriendfinder latest news

Judging from AFF’s latest publications, I was ready to sink my teeth into four of those pieces. However, AFF has hundreds of topics to feast your eyes upon. 

If you can imagine it, you’ll probably find an article or three about it on AFF’s website. 

AFF has also published numerous guides surrounding manscaping, BDSM for beginners, how to fit an iPad charger into an iPhone 4 and vanilla sex tips that can turn your first encounter into a long-term FWB. 

Even if you’re an experienced sex fiend, AFF’s magazine is still worth a read.

adultfriendfinder sex guides

Moving away from the blog/magazine hybrid, AFF and Literotica compete neck-and-neck to provide new users with erotic stories that push all the right buttons. You can customize your reading experience down to the fetish, and there’s a flavor suitable for every reader’s palate.

adultfriendfinder, welcome to the community

After I selected my preferences from this screen, I selected a few adult groups to get started.

adultfriendfinder groups to join

From there, I was in business. If you’ve ever wanted to connect with horny people and bond over screen-worthy erotic stories, AdultFriendFinder is the place to do it. No matter what (and I mean no matter what) you’re into, you’re guaranteed to find masturbatory fodder.

adultfriendfinder taboo stories

Once I’d had my fill of imagining IRL sex scenes, I wanted to see if AFF’s forums noticeably impacted my user experience in any way. Unfortunately, you have to be a Gold member to gain access, which is a smarmy move on AFF’s part. 

Then again, AdultFriendFinder’s free features are basically nonexistent anyway. 

Needless to say, AFF’s forum is filled with more of the same! I delineated by category to find real-life sex stories, meetup posts, basic questions about AFF’s functionality and more. It’s a lot like Reddit, but AFF implements fewer restrictions on what you can say. 

How Many Nude Pics Flooded My Inbox? 

As is the case with most adult sites aside from places like the best OnlyFans accounts, AFF is definitely a sausage fest. 

Dick pics are a dime a dozen, and if you look at too many, it’s easy to get insecure about your own manhood. I’ve already gotten 100 unsolicited pictures of gross, old penises and 100 more that made me question my personal endowment.

Thankfully, before you open a message, you can see who sent it. 

As such, if you’re not into cyber sword-fighting, don’t bother responding to other dudes. At the very least, I have to admire their unbridled aggression and supreme confidence. 

Are There Tons of Scammers and Catfishers to Avoid?

On a hookup site with 80+ million users, you’re bound to encounter at least a few catfishers and scammers. If you’re not careful, you could fall victim to a G.I.R.L. (guy in real life) trying to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

Picture this—a gorgeous, 10/10 bombshell blondie slides into your DMs to initiate contact. She’s more than willing to meet up with you, but she doesn’t have any money to fill up her gas tank! Maybe she needs a new car battery before she drives 150 miles out of her way for some dick. 

Yes, it’s easy to start thinking with your little head when false promises of sexual gratification are on the table, but I’ll promise you this—you’re not getting laid, bro! Anybody trying to solicit money is not your friend, and you should report such accounts to AdultFriendFinder’s staff. 

It’s pretty easy to spot scammers once you’ve dealt with a few of them, but I’ll save you the time upfront. You should only interact with “blue checkmark” profiles—this is the easiest way to know you’re messaging a real person

Verified profiles have passed AFF’s identity verification test. 

If you want to get verified and let others know that you’re not here to rob them blind, you’ll have to send a photo of your ID card to AdultFriendFinder’s staff team.

How Does AdultFriendFinder Compare to Other Hookup Sites?

Having been originally established in 1996, AdultFriendFinder is a giant in comparison to modern-day hookup sites. Over the past quarter-century, it has earned the loyalty of 80-plus million members and counting. 

Ashley Madison and Tinder are AFF’s closest competitors in terms of popularity, but each site is 5 or 10 million people shy of meeting AFF’s mind-boggling member count. Then again, AdultFriendFinder is a one-stop-shop for casual sex. 

Ashley Madison is geared towards people looking for a marital affair, and Tinder is generally used as a “catch-all” app for meeting local singles. 

If you’re looking for sugar babies in need of a daddy, Seeking is the best option. You’ll have to pay $100/month to get started, but you’re virtually guaranteed a reply from somebody beautiful. 

Here to find a solid relationship? I might suggest Hinge or Bumble—both sites have just 30-40 million users, but many people are hunting for a long-term partner. 

Comparatively, AdultFriendFinder is meant for no-strings-attached liaisons and cyber sex. Speaking of cyber encounters, AdultFriendFinder has another benefit in that it also doubles as a cam site. With the exception of a new spouse, you can find just about anything you’re looking for. 

That said, AdultFriendFinder’s website desperately needs a facelift, and it hasn’t yet managed to create a mobile app for iOS devices. You probably won’t mind if you’re O.K. with keeping things old-school, but AFF definitely shows its age. 

AdultFriendFinder Review FAQs 

Can I Use AdultFriendFinder for Free? 

Yes, you can use AdultFriendFinder for free, but you probably shouldn’t. Although you can watch live cam shows and browse through AFF’s forums without dropping a dime, you can’t view profiles, see messages or interact with anybody until you pay for a premium membership. 

Then again, if you’re O.K. with using AFF as a glorified cam site, there’s no payment required!

Is AdultFriendFinder a Good Choice For LGBTQ+ Folks? 

Yes, according to our personal AdultFriendFinder review, AFF is a good choice for LGBTQ+ folks, non-binary individuals and trans people on the hunt for casual liaisons. While AFF was always popular within the swinger community, it’s made progressive strides in more recent years. 

Whether you’re M4F, M4M, T4T or F4NB, there’s room for your preferences here. AFF has hundreds of unique search filters that can narrow down your search for the perfect hookup. 

Can I Use AdultFriendFinder on My Mobile Device?

Yes, you can use AdultFriendFinder on your mobile device. 

Unlike some other hookup sites, though, AFF doesn’t have its own app.

AdultFriendFinder isn’t found anywhere on the App Store. Fanboys will have to use the AFF site’s mobile version to get some nookie while on-the-move. 

Do Actual, Real Women Use AdultFriendFinder to Locate Partners? 

Yes—actual, real women use AdultFriendFinder to locate partners every single day. 

AFF has accumulated 80-plus million members so far, and women comprise 35% of that figure. Frankly, if you’re not getting messages and responses on AFF, you need to change your approach!

Just be sure to look for that blue checkmark—it differentiates bonafide females from G.I.R.L.S, catfishers and savvy scammers. 

Would I Recommend AFF to the Average Joe? 

So long as you’re willing to pay for the privilege, AdultFriendFinder is one of the few online dating sites offering a no-BS approach towards finding local singles in your area. With 80-plus million active members across the globe, there’s a decent variety of people to meet. 

Visit AdultFriendFinder by clicking here

No matter who you are or what you’re looking for, AFF’s “Advanced Search” and “Kink Search” filters allow users to authentically express their gender identity, sexual needs and preferences. 

Then again, average dudes looking for casual sex with average women are spoiled for choice. 

In conclusion, AdultFriendFinder is definitely the real deal!

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