.12 Best Sugar Dating Sites—How To Find a Sugar Daddy (2024)

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At first glance, sugar daddy websites might come off as a bit shallow or superficial….when actually, they’re anything but that! Honest, and refreshing, if you ask us.

There’s no pretense about anything…everyone knows the deal. You either want to meet rich men and go on yachts, or you wanna meet attractive women and spoil them rotten.

Sugar dating is a win-win for everyone, no?

But what if you don’t know how to find a sugar daddy, or you’re not sure which sugar dating sites are worth your time?

Stick around, we’re about to let you in on 12 of the best sugar dating sites in 2024.

First Look—12 Best Sugar Daddy Sites

Wanna know where to find a sugar daddy online? Here’s a quick look at our best sugar daddy sites for 2024:

  1. Best sugar daddy site overall: Ashley Madison 
  2. Discreet dates: Secret Benefits
  3. Meet rich men easily: SugarDaddyMeet
  4. Casual dating: Victoria Milan
  5. Popular sugar dating site: SugarDaddy.com
  6. Unique sugar baby “auction” site: WhatsYourPrice
  7. Luxury dating in elite circles: LuxuryDate
  8. Meet millionaires tomorrow: Millionaire Match 
  9. Professional sugar: EliteSingles
  10. Great for male sugar babies: Elite Meets Beauty

Looking for a bit more detail? Here are our reviews for the best sugar daddy websites and tips on how to find a sugar daddy online:

Top Sugar Dating Apps and Sites, Reviewed

Here are our best sugar daddy sites for 2024:

1. Ashley Madison—Best Sugar Dating Site Overall

Ashley Madison BannerSites

Top Features

  • Ideal for mature sugar babies
  • Heavy emphasis on discretion
  • No special features for sugar dating
  • Very open-minded user base

Ashley Madison isn’t a sugar dating site per se; rather, it’s designed to help married people find affair partners. It’s one of the most infamous and best hookup apps of all time. 

It can also be a good place for sugar daddies to find sugar babies and vice versa, given the thousands of users on here.

AM is also nice for anyone who wants discretion, as many on the site have a lot to lose if their status is made public. You can make your profile anonymous, for example, so you don’t need to worry about being found out by friends or family.


There aren’t any special features for sugar daddies or babies here, but if you’re willing to put in a little work, you may just find a mutually fulfilling relationship all the same on this famously risque online dating site.

Signup to Ashley Madison, one of our top sugar dating sites.

2. Secret Benefits—Discreet Sugar Daddy Site

SecretBenefits BannerSites

Top Features

  • Strict photo verification system 
  • Convenient credit system (pay per action)
  • Discreet billing 
  • Over 100,000 active users (weekly)

Secret Benefits takes one of the top spots for its ease of use and balanced gender ratio.

Sign-up is a breeze and typically takes less than five minutes (for daddies) and 10 minutes (for babies).

And although Secret Benefits profiles aren’t the most detailed, sugar babies are required to upload photos and videos before verification, which makes it easy for daddies to choose between profiles.

Convenient for one of the best sugar daddy sites.

The sugar dating site is also big on user privacy, as billing is discreet. Because sugar daddies have to purchase credits to send messages and view babies’ secret photos, the platform remains out of reach for fake sugar daddies.

No need for lengthy questionnaires or detailed bios. Just create an account and access the vast sea of hot sugar babies in search of love, affection and, of course, special treatment. 

It’s that easy!

Join Secret Benefits today to kickstart your sugar dating adventure. 

3. SugarDaddyMeet—Best Sugar Daddy Site for the Rich

SugarDaddyMeet BannerSites

Top Features

  • Only accepts rich men from the 20 wealthiest countries
  • Top-notch search function
  • Lots of competition for sugar babies
  • Reputable sugar daddy site

SugarDaddyMeet only accepts applications for sugar daddies if they come from one of the 20 richest countries in the world.

The search functions are excellent, allowing both sugar daddies and sugar babies to find exactly what they’re looking for in just a few clicks. Refine by age, location, annual income and much more.

You get straight to the point!

This site has significantly more women than successful men, so there’s quite a bit of competition on here. You’ll have to make a bold move to stand out in the crowd!

Sugar dating sites: Stand out on SugarDaddyMeet.

4. Victoria Milan—High Security Sugar Daddy Site

VictoriaMilan BannerSites

Top Features

  • Best choice to keep sugar dating anonymous
  • Automatic app logout feature
  • Panic button to terminate app swiftly
  • 256-bit top-level SSL security

Just like Ashley Madison, Victoria Milan isn’t really a sugar dating site. It was actually made to serve as a haven for married, wealthy men to find discreet affairs.

However, Victoria Milan outlasts other sugar daddy sites because of its first-rate security. Built with top-grade SSL security, hackers will never penetrate this site, ensuring complete protection of your sensitive data.

Flirt worry-free with VM sugar babies with its security features. You can use its panic button in case your partner suddenly peeks at your device. Click this button, and the site will be terminated in a heartbeat.

The only downside to VM is its high-priced premium features. But if you really dream of pampering your sugar babies uninterrupted, don’t mind the exorbitant cost and avail yourself of Victoria Milan’s premium membership now.

Sugar dating sites: Join Victoria Milan and enjoy discreet fun with your sugar baby.

5. SugarDaddy.com—Well-Known Sugar Dating Site

SugarDaddyCom BannerSites

Top Features

  • Inclusive sugar dating site
  • Sign up for free
  • More women than men
  • Not the cheapest for sugar daddies

SugarDaddy is among the best sugar dating sites online, known for its simple and straight-forward approach to sugar dating. 

Here you can sign up as a sugar baby OR a sugar daddy, using extensive filtering options to find the best matches near your location. Male users have a large pool of (usually female) sugar babies to choose from, all of whom are looking for a luxurious lifestyle full of fun.

In fact, there are more women than men on SugarDaddy.com—a rare sight in online dating of any kind!

Sugar dating sites: Join SugarDaddy.com now.

6. WhatsYourPrice—Best Auction-Style Sugar Daddy App

WhatsYourPrice BannerSites

Top Features

  • Good for individual dates
  • Makes it easy to negotiate
  • Not ideal for long-term relationships
  • Clear terms set

WhatsYourPrice is a hybrid between a traditional dating site and a sugar daddy meetup site, as it allows users to bid on dates with people they find attractive.

It’s the eBay of the best sugar daddy sites.

This auction-style site gives sugar babies the opportunity to try the lifestyle with more of a one-off experience, as they’re only signing up for single dates, rather than extended relationships. 

It also allows them to break the ice with wealthy men and see how things go before diving in any deeper.

Everything (including price) is carefully negotiated beforehand as well, ensuring there are no nasty surprises once the date begins.

The only issue with this setup is that you’re less likely to find long-term sugar, as many men are only hoping to pay for the first date before proceeding as normal later on.

Sugar dating sites: Bid on your sugar baby of choice on WhatsYourPrice.

7. Luxury Date—For Successful Older Sugar Daddies

Luxy BannerSites

Top Features

  • Member verification feature
  • Secret photo gallery
  • Advanced filtering options
  • Plenty of young women users

Luxury Date is a prominent sugar dating site among old, successful guys seeking the company of young, fresh ladies.

Just like other sugar dating websites, Luxury Date has advanced filters available for quick searching of potential sugar babies. You can sort users according to age, nationality, body type, and even hair color.

Each potential sugar baby can also upload video introductions to their profile as their proof of verification. We highly recommend sticking with these users if you don’t want to get scammed and flirt only with legit members.

It’s free to register at Luxury Date, but this site is not yet available in some geolocations. But to be fair, this dating site is fairly new in the industry, so it will surely be available in other countries soon.

Sugar dating sites: Check out Luxury Date.

8. MillionaireMatch—Sugar Dating Site for the Super Wealthy

MillionaireMatch BannerSites

Top Features

  • Great for longer term sugar relationships
  • Wealth verification
  • Great chat features
  • Over 5 million users

MillionaireMatch isn’t a sugar dating site, so you’ll have to be savvy here. If you dive in, though, you’ll find plenty of people who are looking for this type of arrangement.

You can join as an “attractive and respectable” single, or a “successful single earning over $300k,” making it the perfect site for wealthy sugar daddies to find some hot sugar babies.

Because of the way the site is set up, you’ll have to state in your profile exactly what you’re looking for. A line about looking for a mutually beneficial relationship will suffice. 

There is a wealth verification process here if you choose the successful single option. This will help you to flaunt exactly how much you earn as it will show as verified on your status. Perfect for showing potential sugar babies exactly how much you could spoil them!

You’ll find a mix of people from all social circles here. Once you’ve signed up, all you have to do is drop the ones that you like the look of a message and use the site’s chat features to see if the arrangement suits both of you. 

How easy is that? 

Sugar dating sites: Join MillionaireMatch and find a hot sugar baby.

9. Elite Singles—Best Sugar Dating Site for Long Term Sugar

EliteSingles sitesBanner

Top Features

  • Ideal for finding professional daddies
  • Personality quiz for compatibility
  • Mainly for highly-educated people

Elite Singles aims to be more of a love-based matchmaker than one focused merely on finances, but it still has plenty of opportunities for sugar babies and daddies alike.

Rather than placing emphasis on a man’s bank account, this online dating site focuses on education level. Of course, there’s quite a correlation between having a robust education and high earning potential, so that’s attractive in its own right.

It expects all users to be able to carry their weight from an intellectual standpoint, so if you’re planning to rely solely on your looks, this might not be the place for you.

All users have to fill out a personality profile, and the site will then try to match you with compatible people.

Sugar dating sites: Find a long-term sugar relationship on Elite Singles.

10. Elite Meets Beauty—Best Sugar Daddy App for Male Babies

EliteMeetsBeauty BannerSites

Top Features

  • Good for men who want to be sugar babies
  • Boasts a quality app
  • Mainly geared towards Europeans
  • Good for sugar mommas (i.e., female sugar daddies)

Formerly known as RichMeetBeautiful, Elite Meets Beauty aims to pair rich people with beautiful ones.

It does have a fair amount of women on the “rich” side, so this is one of the best sites for any man hoping to try his hand at being a sugar baby.

Yes, guys can be sugar babies, too.

And. yes, women can be “sugar mommas”!

The site has a reliable app that works for both Android and iOS, and the site supposedly verifies each new account manually.

It’s primarily geared towards a European audience, so users elsewhere might find slim pickings to be had.

Sugar dating sites: Find a sugar momma on Elite Meets Beauty.

11. EstablishedMen—Best Sugar Daddy Site for Verification

EstablishedMen BannerSites

Top Features

  • Extensive verification process
  • Great for new sugar babies
  • No app available

EstablishedMen goes to great lengths to vet its members, going so far as to check each submitted photo to ensure that it’s authentic. That means safer dating for sugar babies and less wasted time for sugar daddies.

A plus!

Every time a sugar baby member joins, established (or “elite”) daddies will be automatically notified, so it’s easy to generate interest in a short time. This is a great way to introduce yourself to the community if you’re new.

It seems primarily angled towards older daddies, and the tech side is a bit lacking as a result. There’s no app, for one thing, so expect to be glued to your PC if you want a date. Not ideal, but this sugar dating site is definitely worth a try.

Sugar dating sites: Sign up for EstablishedMen and find your next sugar baby.

12. Sugarbook—Easy-to-Use Sugar Daddy Site

Sugarbook BannerSites

Top Features

  • Massive user base of over 700,000
  • Can support sugar babies’ education
  • Super intuitive web interface
  • Available in five languages

It’s fun to visit sugar daddy sites and apps, but some might be headache-inducing because of their convulsive interface.

Luckily, we have Sugarbook, a sugar dating site with a clean and easy-to-use web interface. From login (you can use Facebook or Email) up to sugar dating itself, Sugarbook will guide you throughout the process.

To help you find the perfect sugar baby to spoil, Sugarbook has filters to narrow down searches based on age, ethnicity, lifestyle, education, and more.

We also love that Sugarbook promotes education sponsorship for promising ladies.

Sugar daddies can use the platform to give school allowances to their sugar babies as long as the latter maintain their high grades.

On top of that, sugar daddies can also help their sugar babies create a strong network with other successful tycoons and personalities in the industry.

Sugar dating sites: Try Sugarbook to hook your next sugar baby.

Best Sugar Daddy Sites FAQs

Got questions about sugar daddy dating and how it works? Look no further!

Is Being a Sugar Baby Legal?

Yes, being a sugar baby is legal in most countries. What isn’t legal, though, is getting involved with someone under the age of 18. So, always be sure to verify someone’s age before jumping into a relationship with them.

How Is Being a Sugar Baby Different from Being an Escort?

Being a sugar baby is different from being an escort because of the law in the U.S.

An escort or prostitute is someone who engages in sexual acts for money. There’s a clear, contractual connection between the two parties involved: one hands over the money; the other provides sexual favors.

So, what about sugar babies?

Sugar daddy websites, or most of them at least, explicitly state that users are only allowed to discuss money when that payment doesn’t involve a sexual obligation. So, dating, traveling, gifts and so on, but no paying for sex.

Most importantly, however, there’s virtually no chance that anyone will be interested in prosecuting a sugar dating relationship, so long as everything’s consensual and legal, of course.

Want to know more about escorts? Check out our guide to the Best Escort Sites.

Is Being a Sugar Baby Safe?

Being a sugar baby is as safe as any other sort of online dating. Which is to say, it’s as safe as you make it.

It’s best to stick to established sugar daddy websites, as they’re more likely to vet applicants before allowing them to join.

You can’t rely on the sugar daddy sites to do all the heavy lifting, though. It’s important to be careful about who you interact with, and take precautions before meeting anyone.

In other words: Be smart.

  • Don’t put too much information on your profile
  • Be sure to let someone know where you’re going and who you’re meeting beforehand
  • Keep mace or pepper spray if you feel the need to
  • Avoid a situation if it feels dangerous
  • Always meet in a public place at first
  • Trust your gut

Most daddies are just busy men looking for a relationship.

The biggest issue that many sugar babies have is feeling obligated to do things they’re not comfortable with. That’s why it’s crucial to have strict boundaries and to negotiate what you’re willing to do beforehand, so you’re not put on the spot in a more intimate setting.

How Much Can I Make as a Sugar Baby?

How much you can make as a sugar baby depends on a ton of variables. However, recent figures show that the average sugar baby makes around $2,500 per month.

High hopes?

Truth is, it varies greatly. The more attractive a baby is, the more options she’ll have, making it more likely to find a super-wealthy daddy (or multiple super-wealthy daddies). Also, babies with excellent negotiation skills will make more than those without.

Going on dates is the easy part, though. You have to put in quite a bit of time creating and fine-tuning your profiles and talking to wealthy men before you can find a sugar daddy willing to pay you for companionship.

For many babies, sugar daddy dating starts off as a way to make a little extra cash before it can become a full-time job.

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How Do I Negotiate a Good Allowance With My Sugar Daddy?

You negotiate a good allowance with your sugar daddy by knowing what you’re worth. If you don’t ask, you won’t get it.

Strategize, ladies!

You may want to hold off on negotiations until you’ve gone on a date or two. Use that initial time to impress your potential daddy as much as possible, as this will help you stand out from all the other sugar babies who would be satisfied with less money.

Take time to learn as much as you can about their financial situation, including what they do (so you’ll have an idea of their income level) and what other obligations they have. This will give you an idea of how much they can afford to give you.

Most sugar daddies will bring up the topic first, so there’s no need to broach the subject on your own. Try to make them give out a number first, and if you don’t like it, counter-offer with something better.

Example: “I was thinking something more along the lines of $X.”

It’s also important to negotiate the terms of the relationship, not just the allowance amount. Work out how often you’ll meet, be paid and what form the payment should take. Don’t think of it as an allowance. This is money you’ve earned and that you’re owed.

How Can I Be a Good Sugar Baby? Seven Tips

You can be a good sugar baby with a little know-how and practice!

It’s important to understand that sugar daddies are looking for more than just sexual fulfillment from their sugar babies (and some might not even be looking for that).

What they’re really looking for is a woman who will improve their lives in as many ways as possible. They don’t want sugar babies who will embarrass them or be unable to carry their side of a conversation.

While it may be impossible for any one person to be everything a sugar daddy wants, here is the “dream list” that many daddies would love to see:

1. Be intelligent

If your daddy feels like he has to explain everything to you in simple terms, you’ll quickly become more trouble than you’re worth.

Harsh but true.

2. Be attractive and stay in shape

This is a big one, obviously. Keep yourself in good shape, and be able to keep up if your daddy is into athletic activities like hiking or kayaking.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but you need to keep on top of your health and fitness regardless.

3. Drama is not attractive

Many sugar daddies, or mommas, turn to the lifestyle because they recently left high-drama relationships. They have enough stress in their lives from making the big bucks at work. They’re just hoping for something more agreeable in their downtime.

4. Have a decent sense of humor

They need someone who knows how to have a good time, and bonus points if they can keep up when they have friends or family over.

5. Try to have some worldliness about you

You don’t necessarily need to have seen the entire planet—most sugar daddies will be happy to take you to new places, after all. However, if you’re clueless about current events or basic history and geography, you could end up embarrassing your sugar daddy.


6. Be vulnerable from time to time

Nobody wants a sugar baby who feels like a mercenary. Don’t be afraid to show your softer side or let your emotions come out every now and then. As long as you’re not constantly needing reassurance, your sugar daddy will be thrilled with the real you.

7. Be adventurous and exciting!

No, we’re not just talking about what happens in the bedroom (although the bedroom is definitely part of the equation). Be willing to try new things, whether it’s a unique food or a cool experience.

Your benefactor wants a partner in crime, not a wet blanket.

Are Sugar Dating Sites Free for Women?

Yes, most sugar daddy sites are free for women, in that females can join for free and use all the features without paying anything. The sites make money by charging sugar daddies (often exorbitant) fees to use the sites—because they can afford it, after all.

They won’t be poor, don’t worry!

If you use a site that’s not purely a sugar daddy website (like MillionaireMatch), then you might not be offered a free membership, and you’ll have to pay to access certain features.

That will vary from site to site, though, and we can’t speak to every dating site on the internet.

For the most part, though, being a sugar baby shouldn’t cost you anything—other than a gym membership and your hair and makeup costs, of course.

How Do I Know Where to Find a Sugar Daddy?

The best way to meet rich men is on sugar daddy dating apps like Secret Benefits and SugarDaddy.com

These sugar dating sites are very upfront about what they’re used for, so you and your sugar daddy will be on the same page!

Best Sugar Daddy Websites, Wrapped Up

Hopefully this guide has shown you how to get a sugar daddy and meet rich men relatively easily.

Or, if you are a sugar daddy, you should now be able to meet attractive young women looking to be spoiled rotten!

Whether you want to go for an affair-based sugar on Ashley Madison, or someone a little less complex on Secret Benefits or Luxury Date, we know you’ll have a stack of fun in the hunt for your baby of choice. 

We can’t guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for, but the top sugar dating sites in our review will certainly give you the best chance. 

Are you ready for some excitement? 

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