.Rolling Stone’s Ben Fong-Torres Joins Us in The Studio for ‘The Hash’

One of the great things about doing a new pot-cast with a Peabody Award-winning radio producer Ben Manilla?

Insanely cool guests like Rolling Stone’s Ben Fong-Torres. The legendary music journalist gives us his top five favorite cannabis-related songs in our regular feature “High Five.”

Episode Four of The Hash is out now and themed the “Legalization” episode — so we:

— get the latest on Alaska legalization and national efforts from the Marijuana Policy Project Communications Director Mason Tvert;

— talk with Oregon Measure 91’s Anthony Johnson, and NORML’s Erik Altieri;

— review some anti-pot political ads from Florida;

— and go through the latest headlines.

Listen to episode four of The Hash, our audio B-side to Legalization Nation column.

(Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and on our web page. Subscribe via email and you’re automatically entered to win a gift bag of books and goodies.)


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