.Rapper Dizzle Airs His Frustrations with the Criminal Justice System on “Where’s Black”

On his newest single, “Where’s Black,” rapper Dizzle tells the tale of the many roadblocks he faced while trying to visit childhood friend and fellow Oakland MC AllBlack while he was incarcerated earlier this year.

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[jump] For those who aren’t familiar with jail visits, the process can be long and strenuous. Filled with paperwork and long waits, oftentimes folks with friends and family members behind bars travel long distances just to be told, “No.” 

Via email, Dizzle told the Express the track was a chance for him to express his frustrations with this aspect of the criminal justice system. “They make it hard for us to see our loved ones. They’d much rather us let them rot in their cells.” 

Dizzle said you can expect a project from him this November. 



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